Thursday, January 25, 2018

On turning 30.

Suddenly I am here.
I'm still wrapping my mind around this new decade. This new number.
I am ready to be 30.
Many of my contemporaries freak at the idea of being 30.
I am ready. I am more emotional looking back at the past 30 years.
Turning 30 feels more like a victory.
I had a great first day.
Cards. Gifts. Treats.
Social media notifications and emails.
Feeling loved and recognized.
30 is going to be huge.
Go big or go home.
This year I become a marathoner (x2 no less).
This year I chase more dreams than just unicorns.
Wishes do come true.
Wishes and hard work and never saying never got me to 30.
Ready or I go into the new decade!


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  1. Hope you had a great birthday Tamar :)

    I remember my 30th birthday,(all those years ago!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Tamar! I never thought I would see 30...then I did and sometime in my mid-30's my life started getting really, really good. Then I turned 40 and my life got really, really great! And now I actually have no fear of 50...because it just keeps getting better. 30 is the just beginning, my friend. Enjoy the ride!


  3. I only see great things for you as you enter your 30's!

  4. Happy Birthday Tamar. Your thirties are going to be great. You are at the peak of your form, healthy and have also gained wisdom all these years. The sky is the limit for you.

  5. You will LOVE 30 - Hope this year is an AMAZING one my friend!

  6. I agree with Shelbee, it's getting better :-) All the Best!
    Thank you for hosting.

  7. Life gets better as you get older. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. ...back in the '60s we said 'never trust anyone over 30!

  9. happy birthday...wishing you all the best :)

  10. Happy 30th, Tamar! I like your determination to "never say never." That will take you far!

  11. Cheers to 30 years! You have a lot to be thankful for!