Thursday, March 29, 2018

Things My Third Graders Say v. 22

kid: that's so cheap why do we have to do that
me: i like to save money
kid: uhhhhh

kid: oy i always mix up california and alaska
me: because they are so similar...right?
kid: i know that was sarcasm...but they are both pretty big!

kid: ok i am going to remember this for college

kid: frogs are naked
me: context?
kid: just stating the obvious

kid 1: help me clean up?
kid 2: uhhhh maybe
kid 1: fine be that way but i'm leaving some for you to do! 
me: what book are you reading for your biography project
kid: the HUGE alexander hamilton book
me: ron chernow isn't a just right book for you
kid: all history is just right for me

kid: i come back in here and you're all mathing like crazy

me: you need to regroup
kid: what...why..i'm perfectly calm
me: no in the math problem

kid: i still know my abds...i mean adds...wait
me: squirrel! 

me: where is your brain today
kid: in my head... 
kid 1: what's a cardinal?
me: a little red bird
kid 2: no it's a baseball team
kid 3: no it's a football team

me: spell hero
kid: the sandwich of the hercules

kid: i am going to dilate my hair blue one day
me: dye?
kid: no i won´t kill it...why would i do that

kid 1: phew did it
kid 2: good for you and that wasn't sarcasm...
kid 1: you don't say
kid 2: well that was sarcasm

me: why are yoo walking around with a banana peal
kid: it's keeping my company
kid: oh my, oh my...oh no!

me: i'm ms benjamin the last time i checked
kid: when were you not ms. benjamin....?

me: stop sword fighting with pencils! 
kid: what we're only ahhh'rmed and kinda dangerous 
me: just no

me: the spelling pattern is oi, oi, oi, oi
kid: that's annoying
me: no that's oy!

kid 1: can you please stop talking to yourself
kid 2: it's not a crime, i have freedom of speech 
kid 1: you have the freedom to use a thinking bubble too
kid 1: i got the shivers
kid 2: do you have timbers?
kid 1: i'm a kid not a tree

kid 1: ew they ate bear in Little House on the prairie....they could get rabies! 
kid 2: they found it, they shot it, they ate it, they knew the risks!
me: survivor prairie edition?
kids: yup!

kid: which flag is that
me: massachusetts
kid: really....shame on me

me: chickens get done, people get finished
kid: no chickens get fried and people eat them


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  1. say the darndest things.

  2. So funny! "You have the freedom to use a thinking bubble, too"! Hahaha. My son is in first grade and his teacher messaged me the other day that my son was telling a friend that he did NOT want to be a teacher when he grows up. She asked him why and he responded "because I wouldn't want to be in charge all of these crazy kids."

    Have a great weekend!


  3. They are so funny. I love the smiley face yarmulke.

  4. These are always hilarious! I love reading every one!

  5. Funny :-):-):-)
    Thank you for hosting.

  6. Too funny & that smiley face :) love it!

  7. Ok...those little commentaries are absolutely awesome!

  8. You always come up with the best things. Too Cute. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for hosting

  9. Kids do say funny things, enjoyed your commentary!

  10. I was too sick to read blogs yesterday but this TOTALLY made my day today. Absolutely laughed right out loud!

  11. So fun! My favorite is "Where is your brain today?" "In my head." Boom.

  12. Never a dull moment with those kids!