Monday, June 5, 2023

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 22

The Good:
It's baby geese season! It's cute until they become adult geese...

The Random:
Can someone explain this need for shops to put succulents into every random shape known to humankind?

The Fun:
WDS marched in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Sunday - super fun to mark the school's and country's 75th birthdays!

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  1. ...somethings are hard to explain!

  2. I love the baby geese and you're right, they're only cute till they grow up.

  3. Are succulents in weird shaped vases the Chia Pets of the 2020s??

  4. God bless Israel and all people of goodwill

  5. Thank you very much for the weekly linkup opportunity. My entries this week 27 + 28. Wishing you an awesome week ahead.

  6. I do love the baby geese when they're in that cute fuzzy stage but I do not enjoy dealing with the full grown ones at all. I much prefer the ducks but they tend to disappear when our geese population grows.

  7. I haven't seen any goslings yet this year. They are so cute!

  8. I thought they were ducks. I didn't know baby geese locked like that!


  9. We've had cute baby geese too. They like to cross the road on a lot. Looks like a nice day for a parade.