Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scav Hunt Sunday: Frost and Flower

Frosty morning, a winter staple.

Tulip petals, all folded up, ready to hold us over until spring arrives.

 Rocky part of Paul Revere Park in Charlestown.

These weeds just seemed so soft lit up by the sun.

A pair of very snowy branches.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fact vs. Opinion

Last week, we began our opinion writing unit. To start, we talked about how to tell if something is a fact or an opinion.

I gave them a list of sentences and they had to decide if it was a fact or an opinion and explain why.

Let's just say, 3rd graders are hilarious and can be fantastically blunt, creative, and honest and their answers had me, my assistant, and a specialist pushing in laughing so hard!

My teachers are really cool:
"well not all teachers are cool"
"not all of my teachers are really cool"
"some kids think teachers are lame"
"grown ups are not cool"
"they are annoying sometimes"
"cause they don't even look cool"
"i think meh..."
Teachers are adults:
"they might not be married"
"because I never met a not adult teacher"
"because you have to be over 18"
"because you have to pass a college application to be a teacher"
"because you have to prove you're smart"
"kids can't teach kids"
"teachers are adults maybe not the assistants"
"because they have phones"
"because they have control over people"
"because they talk about weird stuff"
"that's just how it is"
My school is the best school in the entire world:
"because that is not true"
"i've seen better quality"
What I know is a fact? I LOVE my third graders!
Little by Little
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Song-osity: Charlestown

Meet me at the Bay State...
[In] our New England town...

Sunday the weather was spectacular so drove over the river to explore Charlestown. I'd been wanting to see Bunker Hill and explore the quaint little area for awhile.

It's such a quintessential New England town. Brick row homes, cobblestone streets, cafes, and narrow alleys.

Centered in the town, high on the hill, is the Bunker Hill Monument. Amazing to think of the history that took place so long ago, right there.

I climbed 294 steps up to the top and took in the sweeping views of the region.

All in all, a wonderful day out exploring my New England town.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 5

The Good:
Kim and I are birthday buddies. She was so sweet and sent me this gorgeous figure for my birthday. Thank you Kim!

The Random: 
We learned about Fact and Opinion this week. Two of my kids handed me this after recess....
"fact = j is tickalish. why bc I said so"
"opinion = s &j are good at reanacting the titanic bc people think we are bad (but we are not)"
"fact = there are more than a million people in the world bc someone conted"
"opinion = people have to get a degree. why. because you would get a bad job if you don't"
"fact = I like ice cream bc I said so"
 Love it!

The Fun:
We went and read our polygon books to the kindergarteners Thursday. My kids were so amazing and the little guys loved their math story time!


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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Scav Hunt Sunday: Angles and Icicles

Nothing beats waking up to perfectly snowy scenes.

Learning about the different types of angles.

Nesting bowls.

Cropped Starbucks logo? Really just wanted an excuse to share this picture....

Textured brick and ice - pretty cool combo.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

January Randoms v. 2

 hotel hall...state project...gifted bracelet
hebrew phone
old tech...rainbow carrots...snow fence
blue skies...wicked cold...geometry lessons
night light...amber brown...grapefruit season
birthday cake...snowy pillow
birth time...much souvenirs
birthday wish...frosty morning...triangle game
morning starbucks...rainbow bowls...firey sunset 

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blue Man Group

D got us tickets to see Blue Man Group for my birthday. I'd never been and was excited for the experience and experience it was!
Midway through the show, the Blue Men come out into the audience. They just climb about and interact in their "odd" way. I had an aisle seat and on their first wander around one came and kept looking at me. Then he came back. And held out his hand.

D whispered "I think they want you to go with them..."

And went with them I did. Onto the stage. In front of a hundred people. And with 3 Blue Men.

They had me sit at this table that was laid out. I had some vest contraption put on me and the fun continued. I swayed and bopped along to the music with them, trying to not just sit there and laugh from shock and slight embarrassment.

They put out a vase of flowers, just staring at me. Then a candle which I had to light with a lighter. One Blue Man used a fire extinguisher to put it out - scared the you know what out of me!

Then out came the twinkies. They couldn't open theirs so I opened them. Then they began to cut them, so I cut mine. We shared some pieces from plate to plate. Then they put a piece onto their forks and prepared to eat them....they all ate their piece and I sat there laughing and thinking "I so can't eat this!" So as the Blue Man next to me stared at me, I put my fork into his mouth! After a few more minutes, when he then tried to feed me I quickly mouthed "I can't eat it!"

Then they vacuumed up the twinkies, our chests shot out banana "vomit" (at this point I was laughing SO hard). We took a Polaroid selfie and I got a take-away container with bananas and twinkies with a bow on top plus out Polaroid.

When I got back to my seat, D was laughing SO hard and insisted he had nothing to do with it.

What an experience and what a show. Perfect way to spend my birthday evening!
Little by Little
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Turning 28.

They say it's my birthday...
I'm gonna have a good time...
I'm glad it's my birthday...
Happy birthday to me!

{Birthday - The Beatles}

Well, 28 is off to a wicked awesome start.

Birthday dinner with friends. Good food, delicious cake, a great game of Cards Against Humanity.
A snowy morning. Mother Nature is a good gift giver.
Cards and gifts from those that love me most.
Brunch with friends.
Netflix and chill.
Blue Man Group. Including stage time with the Blue Men.
And a wish.

It can only continue to get better from here!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Bday Edition of The Good. The Random. The Fun.

28 is the 4th magic number in physics.
The atomic number of nickel is 28.
28 is the title of a song by the Weeknd.
The surface of the sun rotates in 28 days.
28 in Gematria spells the word koach or strength in Hebrew.
There are 28 countries in the EU.
28 is Madrid's postal code.
There are 28 letters in Genesis 1:1.
28 is the name of an Australian rock band.
There are 28 days in February in a non-leap year, year.
28 is the name of a popular game in India.
A 28 sided polygon is called a icosikaioctogan.
28 is the highest number of games an NFL team can play in a playoff series.
There are 28 letters in the Swedish alphabet.
28 days is the length of the Moon's orbit around the Earth.
Education Decree 28 in Harry Potter made Umbridge headmaster.
28 dominoes make up a complete set.
Roughly 28 grams make up an oz.
28 is the square root of 784.
The melting point of butter is 28ÂșC.
28 days is the full curing time of concrete.
The 28th president of the US was Woodrow Wilson.
28 years is the time it takes for Saturn to orbit Earth.
Texas was the 28th state admitted to the Union.
28 has been retired as a jersey number in the NFL four times.
The Gregorian calendar follows a 28 year cycle.
28 inches in the circumference length wise of a regulation football.
And 28 is a perfect number.

28 is a perfect number.
I may have just turned 28 yesterday, but I think I can say that 28 will be a great year.
I feel ready to be 28.
It's an odd year, not the big 25, not yet 30.
But 28 feels grounded, settled. An adult, but still young.
I am certain that 28 will be the perfect number.
Ready or not, here I go!



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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Scav Hunt Sunday: Snow and Sky

I love the light colored carrots, such soft tones on the plate.

Blue skies after a snowy evening.

As things should be, normal scenery under the snow.

Artificial Light:
I love the soft glow my lamp puts off, a nice gentle light, albeit artificial as my day winds down.

The whole rug to spread out on, but they must cram their bodies into as little space as possible!
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