Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chicago Architecture

Chicago is for sure one of my favorite cities.

Such an amazing mix of new modern buildings and amazing old architecture.

I love the old mixed in with the new - keeps a city exciting, yet classic.

Guess that's why I love Boston so much!
Little by Little
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bean!

We're going to do somethings that we won't forget!
Go big or go {to Chicago}!

In Chicago, you have to see the Bean. Touristy, yes. Awesome, yes!

The boys had a blast with their reflections! Ronan was a little confused, but then figured it out and Noam instantly asked for a phone to take pictures! It's such a great landmark in the city and fun every way you look at it. I know I won't forget this visit to The Bean and I bet Noam won't either!

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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 35

The Good:
I was in Chicago over the weekend for one last summer hurrah and my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. Avi, Noam, and I enjoyed time at the Field Museum on Friday before the festivities began. Noam loved the Egypt exhibit, singing "Pharoh, let my people go" while he looked at mummies! Best may have been this exchange with Avi..."look Noam, it's a dinosaur named Sue!" -- Noam: "aw...did he die?"

The Random:
Flying west on Thursday we were racing sunset - so cool to see the sun set in one direction and darkness in the other.

The Fun:
There is an amazing new playground at Millennium Park. The boys has a blast! So many amazing structures and environments to explore. Noam had to be dragged to see the dinosaurs!


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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Scav Hunt Sunday: Workbook and Postcard

What I'm doing today:
Monday, teachers were back to school officially. Things are coming together!

Inside, writing postcards, with a picture of the lower school outside, to my new students.

Popped into the Kosher bakery to get challah for a coworker who we all made shabbas dinner for - candid shot of the bakery worker in the back.

 Finally made peach crisp last weekend. SO good.

Natural Light:
We had a dreary day last Sunday, not much natural light, but lots of natural water.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

August Randoms v. 2

 blue skies...correct name...old slide
bottles skull...toaster reflection
sunday sunset...broken key...rain streaked
monty reflection...mileage dr
new mitts...on ice...ikea run
salmon supper...strawberry pancakes...sensory bottles
 math prep...cereal time...classroom view
illuminated plant...sensory sky
new rsvp....hebrew sign
peach crisp...harry potter...k cups
rainy day...the workbooks
coloring page...gas stove...sending postcards

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi - the art of imperfection, a combination of two Japanese aesthetic concepts.
Wabi refers to simplicity, modesty, or even rustic beauty. It can be anything natural or manmade - that has some type of flaw or irregularity. 
Sabi connects to that beautiful finish that comes with age and wear. It means that the uses and the changes an object undergoes, make the object more beautiful and valuable.
I joined a photography group on Facebook: 52Frames and am loving the challenges each week. This week pushed me outside my comfort zone but I found so much worn beauty right in my own backyard. 

What some may see as ugly and worn can really be the signs of old age and use. A worn floor highlights the comings and goings of busy people. chipped door and rusted door knob shares the story of many welcomes and farewells. 

Wabi Sabi. 
Little by Little
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sensory Bottles

One of the big movements in classrooms is to have a "break spot" - a spot in the classroom where students can go to "take a break" and cool down from a conflict/issue, regain their focus, just take a breather. At the beginning of the year, you teach kids how to use the spot to regulate themselves and what tools they will have their to use. 

This year I really wanted to add sensory bottles to my break spot. Just a calming item that a kiddo can use to calm their body down and get ready to learn. I learned how to make these particular ones from my mom in her toddler teaching days, but there are tons of various "cool down" bottles out there!
 You need a more cylinder type water bottle. Your typical Poland Springs ones with ridges aren't the best. I bought a VOSS water 6 pack, mainly to get the handy carry case.
 I made 3 bottles with baby oil and 3 with corn syrup. Each variety is awesome in it's own right! The food coloring goes in the baby oil bottle, you need sequins in the corn syrup ones.
For the water and baby oil ones, fill your bottle with water - anywhere between halfway and 2/3 full. Then add 1 drop of food coloring (one is plenty!). Then add some baby oil. Start small and get a nice layer on top of the water. Place the cap on and give it a whirl and see if you like the effect. You want the oil to make bubbles as it moves through the water and kids can then watch the bubbles settle as they cool down.

Now, onto the sequin bottles!
My mom sent me some fun sequins, thanks mom!
For these, you want the bottle empty of water and completely dry. Then you want to fill your bottles about 1/2 to 2/3 full with light corn syrup. Add your sequins. Go slowly you don't want that many, but enough to get a nice effect of watching them slide around.

When you're happy with the bottles, gorilla glue the lids shut (you want these to calm things down, not make it more exciting!).
I covered the case in duct tape to make it look nice and they were ready to go for the school year!

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