Friday, December 26, 2014

December Randoms v.2

crock pot...state flag...dressed up
light reading...puzzle time...chanukah decorations
mitzvah mission...state research...first night
state research...drink fountain...night two
sweet gift...night three...frying latkas
night four...gym time...night five 
dressed up...nutcracker time...night six
new recipe...night seven...pattern blocks
night eight...last light...face time

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chanukah 2014

Chanukah has come to a close. A magical celebration of lights during the darkest time of the year. 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Song-osity: The Nutcracker

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
It's the happiest season of all!

Sunday afternoon, I went to see the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker with two friends. I was a little bit excited. I haven't seen the Nutcracker in years and have never seen the Boston Ballet perform.

Growing up as a dancer, we went to Philadelphia every year to see the show. It would be a magical day and I have such fond memories of a day in the city seeing the gorgeous show. Well, this year I got to relive those memories and make some new ones.

There is nothing like getting all dressed up, seeing little kids in their fanciest clothes, and taking in the ballet at holiday time. Our seats were amazing, but in the Opera House I doubt there is a bad seat. The show was marvelous. It's a new staging, and while different than my beloved Pennsylvania Ballet's version was magical and stunning in its own right.

Once I heard the familiar sound of dance shoes on the flooring, memories of Nutcrackers past and my own dancing days came flooding back and I for sure slept with visions of sugar plum fairies in my head. 

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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Good. The Random: The Fun. v. 51

The Good: 
Jenny and I finally saw "The Theory of Everything" last night. Remarkable film about Stephen Hawking's life. Highly recommend.

The Random:
I went to a new funky restaurant midweek. Loved these fountain drink handles.

The Fun:
Dina challenged me to the 5 day black and white challenge - I love black and white photos so it was nice to make myself take 5 shots in b&w this week.

And a very Happy Christmas to all those who celebrate!!


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stuff my third graders say v. 4

kid 1: what's with the yankees kippah?
kid 2: what's with the red sox?
kid 1: ouch
kid 2: see no trash talk!

Me: what is the value of the 5
Kid: monkey
Me: really?
Kid: yes

kid 1: at my old school....
kid 2: you sound like the girl in the magic school bus books!
kid 1: at my old school we read that book!

kid 1: I'm kosher
kid 2: you don't have spilt hooves you have toes

girl 1: when I get older I'm going to marry a man not a woman
girl 2: why not a woman?
girl 1: two girls will be too much drama!!
me: then you write what the resolution was in the story
kid: like the resolutionary war?
me: you mean revolutionary war?
kid: no that's what you call a resolution to the war

kid: recess is a short vacation from learning!

working on paying compliments:
kid: ms. benjamin, you're teaching has improved significantly since the year began
me: .... thank you....

me: ready to do your work?
kid: yes! wait, what?

me: that's the gulf of mexico
kid 1: you golf there?
me: gulf not golf...
kid 1: can you golf in the gulf?
kid 2: your ball will sink!
kid: do I have to?
me: yes
kid: do I want to?
me: no
kid: see what I did there?

me: who knows what landform this is?
kid 1: a plain
kid 2: I don't see a plane!?

me (to out of breath kid): something tells me you ran all the way from the water fountain...
kid: no. I held my breathe!

me: I really want you to behave for Miss. K when she subs for me tomorrow. 
kid: but she is so strict to me!
me: and I'm not??
kid: well I expect it from you!!
kid: that's a hashtag (pointing at the # symbol)
me: it meant number berfore it meant hashtag

kid: it's so cold but so sunny!
me: funny how that works right?
kid: it works better in israel, it's never this cold!

kid: I speak squeak, my name in my language is "sqeeeeeeek"

playing a geography game:
kid: I got Ottowa!! 
me: that's Utah

kid: we're all created in God's image, so we're good horcruxes!!
me: I think you'll like the homework tonight, it's fun!
kid: watching tv?
me: no

we cross the street to the upper school campus 2x a week.
kid (who lived in NYC until 2 years ago): I can cross by myself, I'm a New Yorker, nothing scares me!

me: please come to the front of the line
kid 2: why does he get to come to the front?
me: because he was talking too much
kid 2: if I talk I get to cut the line???

kid: Ms. Benjamin? I don't get it?
me: what don't you get? 
him: all of it
me: can you be more specific?
him: no, I was in the bathroom when you gave direction, I really don't get any of it!

Little by Little
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Song-osity: Happy Chanukah!

Do you believe in miracles?
Eight nights eight lights...
Do you believe in miracles?

Chanukah starts tonight!

8 nights of lights.

Each night is a symbol of the miracle that happened so many years ago. As the glow of lights grow so does the joy and appreciation for the story that has been shared and celebrated for so many years.

Being around children during this holiday is just amazing. Their joy and enthusiasm; the holiday spirit in the air at school, you can't help but get excited to celebrate!

Happy Chanukah, enjoy the lights, the latkes, the fun, and glow!

Lyrics from Matisyahu's "Miracle" but here's a video of the a cappella group The Maccabeats with their version (which I like better and it features Mayim Bialik!)

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v 50

The Good:
Any Divergent fans? I finally read (devoured) Roth's follow up to the series. Four short stories about Four, highly recommend! And I may have gotten a bit excited when I saw that HBO will air "Divergent" next Saturday night!

The Random:
I'm sorry, what? I do love that it has a mezuzah on the door...

The Fun:
Last weekend I went out to dinner with a teacher friend. It was fun to get a little holiday shopping in, chat, enjoy a nice dinner, and be out around the fun holiday lights.


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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scav Hunt Sunday: Cookies and Candles

I'm a sucker for pretty decorations, regardless of religious affiliation!

P's little feet beneath her high chair.

School is all decorated for Chanukah!

Some paleo ginger cookies fresh out of the oven.

Candles all ready for Chanukah to start on Tuesday!

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