Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boston Strong!

Patriot's Day. Better known as Marathon Monday. 

This year was even more special; the 118th running of the marathon was going to be better and stronger and ever. However, another big part of Marathon Monday is the 11am Red Sox game. I was able to go this year (!) since a friend scored tickets! 
The energy was amazing. The city and stadium felt alive. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by someone who survived the bombing last year, he was the last survivor to leave the rehab hospital. Talk about strong and resilient! 
This jersey was created right after the marathon last year by Jonny Gomes - it hung in the dug out all last year, it even went on every road trip - now, it has a special place in Fenway. The vibe was just amazing; marathon day puts a super charge in the city, and today, it was super charged. Usually every fan is in a Red Sox shirt of some kind: today it was a mix of marathon garb, Sox shirts, and Boston Strong t's. Even I didn't know which to put on!
Let's just say the Sox were late to show up, by the 4th it was 6-0, Orioles...but still, Fenway + Red Sox.
In between innings they kept showing marathon highlights. When this flashed the crowd went nuts. First time in 31 years an American had won the marathon and he did it this year. Even the players on the field were applauding. 
Suddenly, we had a ball game too. The Sox bats came alive and the energy in the stadium was beyond amazing. It's a miracle I still had a voice from shouting so loud! It was high five-city every few minutes, but sadly, the rally fell short and they lost 7-6. Not a win, but a great game, and it's was a serious win to be at the Marathon Monday game.

After the game, the focus switched to the real main event of the day. Fenway is right around 1 mile from the finish line. And about 3.5 hours into the race tons of people were still streaming towards Boylston St. 
One of the things that makes this marathon so special is the crowd. People cheer for compete strangers and nothing is better than seeing a runner pick up the pace when they hear a random stranger shout their name.
His shirt says it all: we're back. It was a perfect day: the stories of survivors walking across the finish line, the camaraderie, the tears of joy, the record number of runners.

What a year it's been, what a city I call home. Boston Strong!
Little by Little

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rhododendron Garden

Last year, when I was in Portland for Passover, mom and I took Noam to the rhododendron garden. Passover was about 2 weeks earlier last year, and we were there just ahead of the blooms. This year we took advantage of a lovely day and went to see what was blooming. Nature did not dissapoint!
Noam had fun climbing on the river rocks in a small stream. We couldn't get him to stop going back and forth to go see more flowers!
 See: flowers! I just love the bright green of early spring. So vivid, such a renewal of life. 
I was convinced this was a one legged duck. Well, apparently, ducks can balance. Who knew. 
It is always so fun to see the world through Noam's eyes. He was having fun picking flowers off the ground and giving them to us. 
Ronan got a bit too enthusiastic about eating the buds...
This guy was being such a ham: he loved walking on the stone walls, telling the geese to move, and exploring the gardens. 
Such a fun outing. It was so refreshing to see so many things in bloom after such a harsh winter. Bring on the blooms in Boston!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 16

The Good:
Spring break with spring weather! It really only rained one day while I was here - blue skies, cool temps, flip flops, just what I needed! Friday afternoon, we stole away to the park for some pre-shabbat playtime. Tons of laughs, swinging, scooting, and playing: hello spring!

The Random: Portland you actually need to push the button if you want to walk. In Boston, it just changes.

Beware, the peeps have a voice and they want you to hear how sweet it is (see what I did there?)


The Fun: 
Doesn't get more fun then these 2 rascals! We've had fun on some adventures and tons of fun just hanging around. Miss them tons already!

AND! Today is Marathon Monday! This year's 188th running is going to stronger and better than ever before #bostonstrong


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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Song-ography: Silence

Because a vision softly creeping...
Left its seeds while I was sleeping...
Within the sound of silence...

There is nothing sweeter and more innocent than a sleeping baby. Even though it means the house is peaceful and quiet, void of happy baby belly laughter.

Sweet dreams, Roo, sweet dreams.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Judaism is full of traditions. Some cultural, some religious. Passover is a perfect mix of both. The holiday is a religious one, but there are many customs that are family specific. It's been so special to see the holidays through Noam's eyes now, too. Passing down traditions and seeing him learn about the holiday. 
He was a pro making charoset with me. "Mar Mar, this is for the seder, right?"
It was such a special treat to make such an important part of the seder with his help. He's talked about making it with me and love that even at 3, he was able to help prepare for the seder.
And this little guy? So special to be with him during his first Passover. Matzah is the perfect finger food, nice and crunchy. 
I remember Passovers from my childhood so well and to now see my mom read Noam the same books I poured over in pre-school - so, so special. 
Our seders this year were fantastic. Seeing Noam so excited to dip the karpas and eat the matzah and sing Dayenu. Even Ronan was loving it as we sang "who knows 1?"

I've always loved this holiday and have such memories of my childhood Passovers, and now, getting to watch Noam and Ronan partake in the traditions and customs is beyond special.

Happy Passover!
Little by Little

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


One of the "pre-passover" blog/instagram/twitter "things" going around was Exodus-gram. A prompt for each of the 14 days leading up to the chag.

It was interesting to thing about the word and how it connected to the themes behind passover. It was a nice mental build up to the holiday - it's such a mad dash between work, life, cleaning, teaching, and such!

Here's my exodus-gram rundown for the year:
Believe: believing a new season has arrived
Tell: make your mark and tell how you'll impact the world
Enslave: what enslaves you?
Free: Free to swing and play
Prepare: weekend pancakes - one way to prepare for chag
Clean: clean car, inside and out
Bless: feeling blessed to spend 1:1 time with my class
Learn: expanding our minds and learning about factors
Ask: ask me what makes today special: no jacket!
Leave: ready to leave for Pesach break
Count: countdown until wheels up
Redeem: redeeming sister time after a few hectic weeks
Change: time to change over the kitchen, the last prep
Be: Boston Strong - may the victims' memories be for a blessing

As, my last picture shows, today Boston is on my mind. Somehow fitting the 1 year anniversary of the bombing is on the first day of Passover. As we celebrate leaving Egypt for freedom, I look back on the anniversary and see a city that is stronger, better, more united, and more free.

Happy Passover and Boston Strong!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 15

The Good:
Last week I was able to leave my coat unzipped. This week I was able to leave it at home! SO freeing to not have to grab the coat on the way out the door for the first time since October! 

The Random:
I updated the "about me" section of my blog last weekend. I got creative and decided an infographic would be more fun. I used the free section on and it was really fun and easy! I feel super trendy now too.

The Fun: 
Thursday morning, the weather was amazing and we had a special program that ended earlier than we thought. So I took the kids outside for some fresh air. I joined in the fun and got on a swing. I'm totally a 9 year old internally because I love getting as high as I can!
oh yeah...and how's this for fun:
I'm in Portland for most of Passover - fun and family!


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Song-ography: Photo

Look at this photograph...
Every time I do it makes me...

Clearly, I love taking photos. But not just to capture the beauty around me, but also the memories.

I am a big believer in printing out photos. I love the framed pictures and albums that I have in my apartment.

From time to time, I love looking back on the memories I have preserved and see the fun times that that has occurred.

Photographs, they help memories last forever...

Friday, April 11, 2014

April Randoms v.1

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