Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Boston Marathon

Rain, I don't mind...Shine, the weather's fine... {Beatles}

It was surreal to wake up to this day being here.
The weather sucked. Plain and simple. But that morning, I was ready.
Our team coach said "odds are the weather won't get better" (it didn't).
His last words... to put one foot in front of the other and never give up.
It was just amazing to be downtown.
Gear check. Getting on the bus. Long ride to Hopkinton.
Athlete's Village was an insanely muddy mess.
Despite the conditions, the energy was a mix of nerves and excitement.
Last minute shoe change.
Getting into the corrals to make our way to the start.
I met one of my favorite IG runners and got a hug.
I was shivering and sopping wet as I began.
I took it nice and slow on the initial hills.
Start too fast and blow your quads. Not happening.
I threw out my time goal. My watch buried under many layers.
All I wanted was to make it to the finish.
The first half really flew by.
Small but supportive crowds.
Periods of downpours.
I was wringing out my gloves.
Puddles in my shoes.
Adjusting my nutrition plan with no watch to gauge mileage.
It is true, you really can hear the Wellesley scream tunnel before you get to it.

I ran through walls of water.
Taking every orange slice offered.
Smiling at the crowds. Smiling at the downpours.
Shouting to the crowd to find out who won (Desi!!!).
By Newton I was hurting.
I missed seeing my Team Brookline coach at Mile 17.
I had been focused on that and it set me back.
I ran the hills while waterfalls cascaded down.
The hills tried to break me.
I saw my run club at Mile 20 when I needed them most.
Coach Dan's face was pure euphoria.
The high five was my power up into Heartbreak Hill.
With Heartbreak behind me I knew I was doing this.
Literally downhill to the end (more of less).
I may have shouted "I still have my quads!"
I hit Cleveland Circle and unleashed into Brookline.
I pumped my arms to get the crowd going.
Beacon Street was my party.
I saw all my friendly faces.
I soaked it all up (pun intended)
Mom was at Mile 24.
I finally shed my top layer.
I truly knew I was going to finish.
Seeing that Citgo sign was just amazing.
Up and over into Kenmore.
Two more friends giving high fives.
My PT there shouting "You're still moving"
Yes I was!
One mile to go.
Felt like the shortest mile.
Right on Hereford.
Hereford was a poncho graveyard.
It was the funniest sight all day.
Left of Boylston.
I saw that finish.
They aren't joking...it's still far.
The crowds were loud. I pumped my arms more.
I was doing it.
Across the finish.
My phone blew up.
Medal around my neck.
Blanket for warmth.
Finally in dry clothes.
Found mom.
Got warm in a local hotel lobby.
Home to respond to all the messages and love.
Sore. Tired. Victorious!
Fought for every minute.
Goal was 4:30ish.
The elites were 30 minutes slower than usual.
So I will take it and smile ear to ear.
That is my first marathon time.
I did it!
**Last Monday was honestly one of the most amazing days of my life. The amount of determination and dedication it took to get to Hopkinton and then the amount of heart, grit, and amount of digging deep it took to get to Boston are beyond description. I literally ran through a monsoon. 2 inches of rain. 2000 people ended up in med tents, mostly for hypothermia. There are 25,000 and change runners who I am forever bound to. We share this. This was our Boston and will forever remember it. All I know is I wouldn't exchange my first marathon and first Boston for anything!**

And yes. I am already ready to do it all again....Chicago Marathon training starts May 28th!

More mile by mile play by play on my running IG: instagram.com/tsbrunsfree


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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 17

The Good:
Jenny and I went to a recording of the "West Wing Weekly" podcast this weekend. We ended up seeing other folks and had a great time. Even better...meeting Josh Malina and Hrishi Hirway!

The Random:
Spotted at Whole Foods....well then!

The Fun:
I went to the Museum of Science over the weekend. They had this really cool mirror maze (think amusement park hall of mirrors) and the exhibit was about math in shapes and nature. Super fun!


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Scav Hunt Sunday: Silly and Subway

 The 9/11 Memorial in the exact geographical center of Westchester County.

 Funny smiley face pencil cap erasers.

 Who knew orchids have hair?

 Riding the Green Line.

A fav view when I am walking near my mom's.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

B.A.A 5k 2018

I raced my 3rd BAA 5k this past weekend as my shake out for the Big Day.
I needed this run after a hard two week of Taper Crazies.
It was a perfect morning. Blue skies, crisp temps.
The Heartbreakers were out in force.
I ran with my friend Rachel.
Nice and easy.
Only a few peaks at my watch (which Rachel yelled at me for!).
30:41. Negative splits. Perfect feel.
I managed to not be too emotional down Boylston.
Smile on my face.
Ready for the Marathon!


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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I DID IT!!!!
Deluge of rain for most of that.
Worth every minute.
More to come!
One foot in front of the other... 
{Walk the Moon}

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