Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boston, ho!

Well, tomorrow at 9 am I am heading north! Final destination? Boston!

I have a 2:15 interview with a professor on the graduate admissions board. It is becoming more and more real by the minute.....

My dress is ironed....

My bag is packed.....

12 1/2 hours of travel to and from Boston, and it is so worth it!

I am so excited to be back in Brookline, strolling Beacon street. Riding the "T" with my Charlie Card in hand. And breathing in the crisp November air of Bean Town.

I have what to keep me busy with during the 7 hours worth of train time: 2 books, 3 magazines, some AU course work, and lots of songs from Glee to listen to.

I am so excited for this one minute and freaking out the next.

One foot in front of the other.... onto the train and onto Boston!

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