Sunday, July 18, 2010

The difference a month makes!

Well, it's been a whole month since I earned myself 3 stitches and a huge busted elbow. I cannot believe it's been a month, time is flying by way too fast. I've healed amazingly well and all that is left (besides my new scar) is one tiny scab where a stitch was. So all in all amazing progress.

I have also gotten back on the bike twice. I will admit, the first few days after the fall I was pretty down on myself for falling off my bike. I felt stupid for being 22 and taking a major spill. Yes, I know, I was saving a child from being run over (probably would have fallen anyway then, now that I think about it....), but I felt childish and as though I wasn't as good a bike rider as I felt before.

So on July 4th, two weeks after the incident I decided it was high time to get back on the horse bike. I was definitely cautious but it fell good to be riding again. Then yesterday I felt more comfortable and went on a different trail that has sections where the path is gravel or loose dirt. That really made my confidence soar.

So, it feels good to be back on the bike, it feels good to no longer have an ugly looking elbow, although I miss one of my campers insisting that I had broken my elbow!

One month ago!

Today! *no it's not the other arm, I just took this picture in the mirror and mom took the "before" one!*

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