Monday, July 12, 2010

Things My Campers Say 2

They honestly keep getting cuter...

S: J! There is a famous guy, named Jake!
J: Ok, so?

T: Why are all my counselors' moms and dads in their 50s?
Me: Because we're old.
T: You're not old, you're young!
(LOVE this kid!)

E.F: I have no more smiles left for pictures...
Alec: Does that mean you're not happy?
E.F: Of course I'm happy!

One of our little guys can test limits with listening to directions, but this shows he hears me loud and clear!
E.K: (while organizing a duck, duck, goose game) I only choose quiet boys! (which we say to them all the time!)

W: Know I'm really in love I have a read heart bead!
um, melt my heat!

Alec: E.K and W are under the table together... okay, that sounded really wrong.

J calls the ABCs the ABCDs.

Erica (the Asst. Director describing how counselors should look when carrying banners on banner day) You know those people who work at Disney World? You know how they have their eyes glued open and act like they are on crack? Act like that. Yes, I said crack.

T: (when in music and telling the music specialist how many strings are on the ukulele) *shouts* 4! (he is showing 5 fingers though!)

One adorable little guy learned how the sign language for the song Shalom Chaverim in nursery school. Whenever he hears it in music he immediately begins doing the signs, it melts my heart!

D: I cannot find my bathing suit, I cannot find my bathing suit!
Me: D, you're holding it.
D: Oh.

E.K: I need to tell you something!
Me: Yes, E.K.
E.K: When is lunch?
Me: E.K, that's a question.
E.K: Oh, I have to ask you something!

One little guy tends to get so absorbed in our avtivities he forgets his name. One day I called him over and he didn't move he instead shouted: "S.W, Tamar wants you!!!" Yes sweetheart, that's you!

Cannot believe how their minds work!

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