Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Living Rooms

Welcome to my new (moved in 10 days ago) apartment! After living in a 300 sq foot studio all last year and having an all in one room I am so excited to live in a delightfully spacious one bedroom now as I begin my adventures in graduate school!

I was going to share all the pictures of my apartment at once, but then found out that Kelly at Kelly's Korner was doing her "home tour" again and now with a real apartment I can join in!
This is the living room/office area looking in from the foyer. It gets so much natural light and I cannot wait for the tree outside my window to change colors, it will be so gorgeous!
This is the view from the kitchen doorway. The rug is a lovely oriental that the camp director where I worked this summer gave me so it would have a good home, every time I am looking at the rug I am in awe of her generosity! The couch is also SO comfy! I found it at a place that sells furniture to colleges and universities to furnish their dorms - it was a great deal (and then I had to lug it up two flights of stairs). The rest of the living room furniture is from IKEA, I am in love with their entire store and would buy everything they sell!
The tv/book shelf is a favorite I think. In my room at home growing up I had cube book shelves and loved how I could divide my books by genre and size (OCD much?). Right now most of my books that I wanted to bring are at home since they didn't fit into the car coming up! So for now I am enjoying all the space to display my favorite family pictures!
These are three of my favorite pictures. The one on the left is my Bubbie and Zayda's wedding picture, then my mom and me on my graduation day, and my sister and me on that day too. I also set up my shabbas candles here, amongst those who have inspired me and inspire me the most. And of course some Red Sox pride!
This chair has been in my family for years (IKEA furniture lasts forever!) The pillow is another "family heirloom." My sister made 6/7 of these pillows before her wedding to give to close family members. I inherited my grandparents after they passed away. It's really special since the material she used is from the Chuppah my mom made for their wedding day. So we all have part of that special day with us always! 
This pillow is just so much fun! My mom made it - its rows of funky fabric that were cut into strips and then thrown into the dryer causing the messy shredded look! I so didn't explain that well, but oh well!
Most of my framed pictures are home still and my mom will bring up next month, but these I hung up! I took these pictures and loved them so much I had to frame them!
And this is a very special piece. The quote says it all!

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my apartment, I know I am enjoying it so much!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jennifer said... {Reply}

Your apartment is so cute! I have that same bookshelf in my office and I love it. Every time we go to IKEA my husband tries to convince me we need one of those chairs. :)

Leah said... {Reply}

Came over from Kelly's Korner, and I LOVE the wall color!!! I bet you are pumped to finally have a living room. I know I was when I transitioned! :)

Shannon said... {Reply}

I so wish we had an Ikea near me! I think your tv stand is such a fun piece!

meL said... {Reply}

hi tamar :)

love your pillow...and made out of love too! :)

Mary Vigil said... {Reply}

Cute place! I love it!