Monday, September 27, 2010

You have to use it to fall in love with it....

I remember when my uncle and his family got Tivo around five years ago. I had to try it, but was skeptical.

Yes, pausing live tv so you could go grab a snack or answer the phone sounded interesting but I had my questions.

For example:
Of you pause and then un pause the tv how do you ever catch up? right, fast forwarding or that amazing LIVE button....

Then I tried using the Tivo, interesting, but still I was more sold on the old VCR we had at home.

Then my dad got a DVR (so much more amazing than Tivo, in my opinion). and I began to like this amazing machine. Want to see David Beckham's goal again, well why don't you rewind and watch for the 542th time, why yes I will.

Then, my mom and I moved again and one of my compromises, shall we say, was to get a DVR for one of our TVs.

Well, I have never seen my mother so excited about anything related to television!

So now I have my own DVR, seriously how did I ever live without it? I can make sure that Glee, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, and Melissa & Joey are set to record ALL season long. Not home to it record no problem! Man, this thing rocks!

Ok, I really just wrote a blog about DVR... I am going to outline a paper for a class to bring my IQ back up to where it was when I started this post....

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