Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Kitchen

Welcome back to my apartment! I am so excited for Kelly's tour this week! I love kitchens, I love cooking, and no trip to the mall is complete with out drooling looking at all the amazing things in William & Sonoma.


Back to my kitchen. To understand why I am so madly in love with my kitchen in my new apartment we have to take a look at my kitchen last year.
Did you blink? You may have missed it! Okay, honestly, it worked but was shall we say tiny...

Now back to Boston and my current kitchen.
This is the view from the door way. It's 3x the size of my kitchen last year! And I even have a backdoor that goes from the kitchen to the back of my building. Classy, I know!
Here is the fridge (no I do not have a small child and yes my fridge is covered in magnets - I'm young at heart!). The cabinets over here are my pantry (last year my pantry was 4 milkcrates in my closet...) and I have my spices and microwave over here.
My sink and beautiful light filled window. I've had that snake plant for 2 years now and have loved watching it grow from a tiny little plant that fit into a tea cup to this!
The stove side of the kitchen. The cabinets over here have my dishes and cups and such. Please pardon the fish for dinner defrosting on the stove.
My bumper sticker wall. My mom finds the craziest bumper stickers for me!
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
My dining nook. And a great place to leave my jacket and purse.
Some of the funky things on my fridge.
I'm a vegetarian and keep kosher so I find this card hilarious. I like to say that this is the only pork of beef one will ever find in my kitchen (-:
I have yet to hang this up on the wall, but it's one of my favorite kitchen things. This is a menu from 30 Arts in Philly. My dad was eating there last year when Top Chef Las Vegas was on. One of the top chefs of the season, Jen Carroll, is the head chef at 30 Arts and my dad asked her to autograph the menu for me since I was rooting for her and am a huge Top Chef fan!

I hope you enjoyed the kitchen part of the tour! Please let me know if you stopped by and come back soon!

8 thoughts on the matter:

Abramyan Avenue said... {Reply}

My kitchen is super small too!! At least you have an awesome window by your sink...I have a window to my right that would give me neck cramps to look out of!!! Lol!!

Joyce said... {Reply}

Thanks for visiting...Where in NJ are you from? I'm back after a circuitous route. I grew up in S. Jersey but am now living in North Jersey.

My oldest just graduated and has a cute blog ( My youngest is a student still, also in Education. Good luck with your MA program!

Katie A. said... {Reply}

Thanks for stopping by. Love the bumper stickers :)

Adam, April & Aidan said... {Reply}

It's a lot bigger!

Bekah said... {Reply}

My jaw is still dropped from the itty bitty kitchen you used to have! My GOODNESS! Congrats on the bigger one. And my favorite sign? "Oh no - not another learning experience!" I need that for work!! :) Thanks for stopping by to see my kitchen!!

Shoshanah said... {Reply}

I loved Jen on Top Chef! She was one of my favorites, and I'd love to have a menu she autographed. I can't wait to see her on Top Chef all-stars, and I really hope she wins!

Angie said... {Reply}

I love the white and all that light coming in from the window! Such a lovely kitchen!

Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog said... {Reply}

beautiful kitchen, even though they are small but done tastefully, i loved reading the magnets posted on the refrigirator, its always nice to have the good ones