Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where I use a lot of parenthesizes

I tried to think of a witty title, but epically failed. Alas. Never mind, I came up with one (see above)


I have been remiss in chronicling my past few weeks in grad school (shame on me?)

It's going really well. I am really enjoying my classes and everything is going along swimmingly.

But surprise, surprise I still sorta doubt myself (seriously, not shocking news, eh?).

In my Racial and Cultural Identities class (which I love by the way) we have have had two assignments so far. One was really cool, we had to video ourselves talking about issues like our culture, and our identity, and such and such. Then we had to analyze and write about our answers. Of course I was so fearful on how I did. Not because I have to get an A, but because I want to do well, I want to learn and show my professors I am learning.

In the end? 6/6 - I was very proud of myself (as I should be) and went on with life.

Then we had another assignment which required us to analyze (really, not my favorite thing to do) and synthesize the readings and then draw on our own experiences. I was so nervous (a theme is emerging) I had not done well.

Last night that paper was returned to us and again 6/6 - I walked home talking to myself (I do that way to much) about how I am always so hard on my self. Yet, I know I can do it, and I clearly do well. Oh well, at least the fear of not doing well drives me to work really hard, right?

Okay, that is all!

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