Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby BBOG is now.....

First let me begin with a drumroll...... 

BBOG is now Noam Morris O'Glasser! Noam means comfort and joy and Morris was Ben's beloved great-grandfather - he is such a joy and is one content little man. 

Now rewinding a few days...
I finally arrived in PDX on Thursday afternoon and was so excited to finally get to meet this little guy. I think I willed the plane to arrive early (it did) so I could get to their house! Positive thinking folks!
My mom reading Noam his first Boyton book! He seemed to enjoy the experience.
Ben and Avi are both smitten with this little guy - he also has the longest legs which are usually curled up on his chest - he looks like a little ball when he does this. So sweet. 

Now onto his Bris on Friday.  He was so amazingly calm (which is good considering he had no clue what was coming!)
 He's already found his thumb! And looks so darn cute in hats. He also looked so adorable in his outfit for the Bris, but then again he looks cute in anything.
 All wrapped up and ready for the bris to begin!
 Noam's great-Uncle Lou was the Sandek, or the person who holds the baby during the main part of the bris.  Noam screamed for all of 45 seconds and then went to town sucking on the gauze (dipped in Mani's no less).
 Avi and Ben had the sweetest remarks about the significance of Noam's name.  And the mohel was so sweet and held Noam while they spoke. Noam was snoozing away the entire time.
 After all is said and done, he is just too cute, but I may be biased!
I love this picture of Avi and Noam.  She is so in love with him and it is such an honor to see my big sister as an amazing mommy now. 
 And I leave you with a dreaming baby's sweet smile!

Happy Sunday from Portland!

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Is the ner tamid at your sister's shul designed by Chihuly? It looks like it.