Sunday, December 5, 2010

Latke Success!

 Last night I had some friends over for a little Chanukah party.  Of course, I made latkes.  It was the first time I had ever made latkes alone, so despite the family gene for frying foods I was slightly apprehensive. 
 I was able to break in my new spiral slicer.  The coolest way to make latkes! No grated mush for me, but awesome mounds of sliced potatoes.  I made regular and sweet potato ones!
 They came out great! I ended up making close to 30 and they were a hit! I even have a few leftover to heat up for dinner tonight, yay!
Of course I had to make Chanukah cookies too! I was a bit nervous since I used a GF mix I'd never tried before, but they came out so great.  I have fond memories of making and decorating Chanukah cookies as a kid, so I relived that last night decorating these. 
And other than that I didn't take any pictures (shocking, I know!).  I have having too much fun hanging out that I didn't even reach for the camera.  But it was a really fun evening and my first official soiree at my apartment! I even had the kitchen clean before I went to sleep! 

Happy Chanukah!