Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One down, a few more to go!

Okay, so technically I am not on winter break until 9:15 tonight (darn 6:45 class), but since I have had my work done since yesterday and since I have been relaxing and packing all afternoon I sorta consider myself on break!

So anywho...

I had a grad-school realization in the past week while I working on all my final papers.  It was another "oh wow undergrad is so different than grad school" realizations.

It essentially boils down to the fact that finals in grad school (at least this time) were so much more relaxed than finals in undergrad were.  I for sure worked insanely hard on my finals, but I'm talking about the atmosphere that was different.

Maybe not having a dedicated finals week played a part, but I also feel like in undergrad finals becomes a time of angst for several reasons. One is because there is some unspoken rule that you must have a freak-out at finals.  Another is because you are surrounded by insane amounts of people also freaking out, which ads in the insanity.  And third, is that for some reason finals in college becomes a competition of sorts.  Ha, you have a 15 page paper and four exams, well I have a 20 page paper, a presentation, and 4 exams, take that!


Well, anyway that was so the last four years.  Finals may have been stressful this year but I feel so excited to have one semester down and a winter break ahead of me!

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