Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pack your knives and go

It is without a doubt that I love Top Chef.  I jumped with joy when I heard about this season, with so many of my favorite "cheftestants" would be back.  

I immediately made a long list of who I wanted to win: Carla, Casey, Tiffany D., Antonia, Richard, and Jen Carroll.  

Now, I was especially rooting for Jen Carroll.  She was my only real favorite on Top Chef Las Vegas and the other reason, albeit, superficial (although come to think of it, I am discussing reality tv so we've already hit superficial...) is that this lovely item adorns my kitchen wall.

It says "Tamar, thanks for being the best fan. Jennifer Carroll." Yup, that Jen Carroll.  When Top Chef LV was on my dad was at the restaurant 10 Arts in Philly.  He texts me that he thinks one of the "cheftestants" is the head chef there.  I was so jealous and couldn't believe it.  After he confirms that it was Jen and that she had come out to their table to say hello.  I asked him if he got a picture or an autograph or anything.  His response, "oh shoot I forgot."

Then this autographed menu arrived a few days later! AHHH - so awesome.  It was the first autographed anything I ever got so I was so excited.  It now is framed and hanging on my kitchen wall.

So anyway, I sit down to watch this weeks episode and to make a long story short, wow! I never thought Jen would be the second one to be told "please pack your knives and go."  Total shock, and wow can she run her mouth!

So hopefully the other 5 chefs I really want to win will make it a bit further....

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