Monday, February 21, 2011

I Heart Cell Phones

Okay, so yes, I do love my iPhone but that is not where I am getting at here. 

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is all about using your cell phone camera to get a great picture. Now, I will admit that until I got my iPhone 3 in late 2009 I was not very good at using my blackberry's camera (maybe because it stunk).  Then with the iPhone the picture quality improved ten fold and I began to use it to take pictures here and there. Now with the iPhone 4 I feel like the camera can give my Nikon a big run for it's money! 
Now I tend to use my phone's camera for random pictures, like a product at the store, something I want to text or email instantly, etc, etc. But looking through my phone the other day I found this picture!
I took this at Kensico Dam Park in Westchester, NY.  There is a great park right in front of this massive dam (small compared to the Hoover Dam, of course).  The exact center of Westchester County also happens to be at the park and they built a beautiful September 11th memorial for the people who died that day from the county right over that spot.
I think I took this on July 4th when we were there for the great firework display.  I just love how I captured (successfully) a sun flare - and that the flare shows the shmutz on my phone's camera lens, ha!  Also I love how the lights in the concrete are reflecting onto the kids' faces.

26 thoughts on the matter:

The Wishful Lamb said... {Reply}

this is so beautiful anyou got a su flare!

shutterflies said... {Reply}

I love the concentration on all of their faces

Megan Evans said... {Reply}

I so want to get the iPhone4 just for the picture quality. Sigh... Awesome, awesome picture!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Awesome cell picture.

Kelly Schwark said... {Reply}

I love the light, but especially love the combination of hard lines from the sculptural piece with the sweeping curves found in the round pavers, ground lighting, soil, wispy grass, and even the lines found within the clothing of the little ones. Gorgeous shot! (A great place too!)

My Photographic Eye by Irela said... {Reply}

Beautiful!! Love the sun flares... <3

~Holly said... {Reply}

They look like are having a grand adventure! I love that they are so absorbed they don't even notice you! Great light, especially love the reflective quality of the ground lights.

Pyjammy Pam said... {Reply}

Wow, that is stunning!

Samantha said... {Reply}

I love the lighting in this picture!

Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog :)

Lisa Anderson said... {Reply}

Neat! I like the unique lighting in this photo! The kids look like they are having fun :)

Catarina said... {Reply}

I love the light and cirkels dat are in the pic. Realy nice. :)

Abbey Knoll Photography said... {Reply}

Great lighting! Its amazing what cell phones can do now!


annalyn said... {Reply}

it doesn't look like you took them from your iphone..they are just perfect!

Kim said... {Reply}

What a great shot. Love the flare!!!

Chie Sipin - Bjarenas said... {Reply}

first of all, that flare IS a beauty! secondly, i love the way you were able to compose the whole shot! the lines, the rhythm... and also, the moment! good work!

Star Graf Design said... {Reply}

What a great photo. It looks like such a nice park and the children all seem to be enjoying themselves.

Lisa said... {Reply}

Cool flare!

Shelly said... {Reply}

Great pic! They look like they're having so much fun!

Susan said... {Reply}

This really is a fun picture.

Serline said... {Reply}

Excellent photo, even for regular camera! Such little angels...

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

This is such a wonderful capture! I love the light on the little ones --both from above and from under their feet. Totally makes me smile. =)

noreen said... {Reply}

those are beyond beautiful facial expressions!!! great catch on this!

Vanessa C. said... {Reply}

What a great picture! The lighting is beautiful :)

Ray said... {Reply}

Wow, great capture!

MarkyDsMom said... {Reply}

yea im gonna say... that's an awesome cell pic! lol my phones pics are crap but if it's the only thing i have.. better to have a crap of something than nothing... right? lol

Dena said... {Reply}

I love the little ducks in a row capture! Great picture!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my pic!