Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've forgotten what grass looks like.

Ok, so I like winter. It's probably my favorite season (although fall is a close second).  I love to bundle up and be under lots of covers.  And I love snow and how pretty it looks and of course being able to snowboard.  

Then last winter DC got whomped in the span of a week with close to 4 feet of snow, and while I was ready for spring, I still enjoyed it.  Then I moved up here to Boston and was super excited to experience a New England winter, just the way my mom and dad described them to me. 

Then of course I left Boston before any snow had fallen, and well, let's let my Facebook statuses (statusi?) tell the rest of the story. 
And then I returned to the snowy East coast and then to snowy Boston and well, the snow keeps coming!
Even the weather people are laughing (or crying) at this point.  Just this morning the meteorologist cried "Uncle" and then asked people to not send hate mail, before saying there is another storm possibly moving in on Saturday. 
And here it is folks. The winter that just keeps on giving.
I've forgotten what grass looks like and if we get over 12' of snow this time around we will have forgotten over 6 FEET of snow this winter in Boston. And it's only February 1st.  Snowiest February in Boston anyone? Looks like it's highly possible, very very possible.

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