Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who says flying isn't entertaining?

I can actually say that I was entertained while traveling last month.  

When I boarded my flight to leave Las Vegas I glanced out the window and saw this plane.
 "We're going to Disneyland." Except, it wasn't going to Disneyland.  I happened to know that the flight leaving from that gate was going to Dallas.  I would so not want to be the kid who looked out the window and saw that plane, only to board and hear "Welcome on board flight 718 with non-stop service to Dallas, TX." Wait, what? The plane says Disneyland! Yea...

Then after landing in NY I was looking at the TV screen which shows where you are and such and saw this.
"Alt: 5 ft" Were we levitating? I could have sworn that we were on the ground... That or after 4 hours of airplane sleep I was seeing things.

See - air travel can be entertaining!

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