Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And to think.

Yesterday morning the American Academy Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released their new recommendations for keeping kids safe when riding in the car.  The Today Show had a representative on that morning and they discussed the new rules and regs. 

They now say babies/toddlers should be fear facing until they are 2 years old and in booster seats until they are close to 5 ft tall. I totally understand where they are coming from and they rep on the Today Show did say that for some kids they may need to be turned to forward facing before they are two, but the longer they are facing back the better.  

My mom was still visiting and we watched this segment together.  After it was over I turned to her and went, "and to think, I sat in the front seat of the van before I was five."  Yes clearly I am still here, but I would agree we were stupid back then.  I did of course have a booster seat in the back of the car.  I give you my former booster seat.  Which of course has now been deemed unsafe.  
 Come to think of it, it may be safer to put your kid in the front seat with a seatbelt then in this contraption.  The only thing that used to keep me in the seat was the crossbar, no straps, no belts, no harness, nothing. Yup, sounds real secure to me!

So there you have it sports fans.  Buckle up, and if you're a tike, strap in for a long time!
So Mr. Noam, I know you're shocked and I hope you like the view of the seat back because you'll be staring at it for a while!

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Rachel said... {Reply}

I completely agree! My husband is currently attempting to talk me out of the 5-point-harness on the transitional booster seat for our 4-year old.

Ain't gonna happen. There is nothing like the feeling of getting in a high-speed head-on collision that totals two vehicles, then looking into the backseat and seeing the carseat tipped up against a smashed in door.

Whatever it takes to keep our kids safe.

Thanks for posting this.

(I read it outloud to my annoyed husband, ha! :)