Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talk about a backup.

Sunday night my macbook started acting funky. And not a good type of funky.  I quickly emailed myself the two important papers I was working on since my external hard drive was back in my apartment in Boston.  I made a Genius Bar appointment and tried a few things I knew could help. 
The really nice Genius the next day ran some tests, tried the simple remedies, and then gave me "the news."  My 'puter is sick and would need to have a little trip to the Apple Hospital to be fixed.  Since I was only in White Plains for another day I said I had to bring it to the shop up here in Boston.  
For the time being the computer is basically functioning.  I can use Chrome and Word, which is all I needed.  I also dusted off my old laptop and have that at a basic functioning level to use for the few days my computer is being tended to. 
So granted, this situation could have been far far worse.  I could have lost EVERYTHING, which I didn't.  I could have been completely unable to use the computer, which I can.  And I could have not had a backup computer to use, which I do. 

So this is just a nuisance, something more. 

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