Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Signs of Spring

While the calendar may say it's spring, the weather up here in Boston hasn't been in agreement just yet. Waking up on April 1st to this site outside my window was a bit of a surprise.  I actually laughed.  Mother nature was playing one interesting April Fools joke on us by dumping 3 wet sloppy inches of snow on the city.  
But there was a beauty to the spring snow, maybe it was something about the small buds trying to emerge from the branches, an odd juxtaposition of snow and flower buds.
 And today, the snow is gone, the temperature is a bit milder, and through the rain the signs of spring are emerging even more.
 These small buds should be beautiful flowers very soon and with their arrival I am sure the mounds of snow will seem like an even more distant memory.
They do say April snow and showers bring may flowers! I couldn't be more ready for some beautiful flowers outside my window.

21 thoughts on the matter:

Life with Kaishon said... {Reply}

I know what you mean! It seems like it took FOREVER for spring to come this year. Yesterday was finally nice but I just heard we might get snow on friday! I can't believe i!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

I find something romantic about snow on the bare tree branches. :)

Yay --thanks for linking up again. =)

Sian said... {Reply}

Love these photo! Come on Boston get with the program spring is here!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said... {Reply}

I agree... so ready for some beautiful flowers to see!

Natalie said... {Reply}

LOL! I did laugh out loud when you said mother nature was playing an April Fool's joke with that 3" of snow! I would've thought the same thing! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Caseybumpinalong said... {Reply}

Nice pics! I love your blog design!

Maddy said... {Reply}

The view here was exactly the same on Friday! Snow everywhere. Now it's rain everywhere, but I guess that's a small price to pay for the gorgeous flowers that await in the next few weeks :)

Freckles & Dimples Photography said... {Reply}

I couldnt agree more...i am ready for some green on the ground and flowers blooming! just followed you!

May said... {Reply}

Oh Gosh!!! Spring snow?? Sending some spring sunshine and color your way!!!!

Dorian Susan said... {Reply}

Just a little further north in Maine...right in this boat with ya. You make it look almost pretty and bearable. Love the sparkly raindrops.

Tara said... {Reply}

I am with you...we live in southern NH and I can't wait for the spring! Hopefully soon!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said... {Reply}

I am so ready for Spring to get here and stay a while!! Really like your blog.

Ray said... {Reply}

Beautiful flowers! I can't wait until trees start to blossom around here. :)

Jennifer Bowen said... {Reply}

As much as I love spring, I would trade weather with you anytime. I can't really enjoy the spring weather because of my allergies. Sad, but true.

I hope you'll see flowers blooming soon. =)

Tiffany said... {Reply}

Still not spring here...we had snow flurriess today:) Thanks for the visit.


sherri lynn said... {Reply}

i love these pictures with the snow on the branches with the little buds! i am so, so ready for spring to be all the way here

sherri lynn

urban muser said... {Reply}

waiting desperately for spring to come here. it seems super slow this year!

Danyelle said... {Reply}

The snow on the branches looks so pretty (particularly when I am nowhere near said snow), but I agree it is time for spring to make up its mind and stick around.

Serline said... {Reply}

The light covering of snow on the spring buds is so pretty, but I hope it does not get cold enough to kill the young flowers. It's Boston, so brace yourself; there may yet be more snow...

Just Bits and Pieces said... {Reply}

Sounds like us.....we were expecting snow this week, but now it seems like it's put off until Monday..really? Beautiful shots though....I agree that the snow makes everything look beautiful...but bring on the flowers!

sophie...^5 said... {Reply}

Yes, Mother Nature is one tricky lady this winter/spring. The northeast has had it bad this year. I live in Nova Scotia and whatever you get one day we usually get the next. I love Boston and went to the flower show a few years back...first one I ever went to...they put on great show. The flowers are starting to pop through now hope your are...Cheers Ron the dad of Sophie(who allowed me to say all this)