Thursday, May 12, 2011

Has it really?

Now that all my grades have come in, I am officially finished with my second semester at Wheelock and the fact that I graduated college one year ago is suddenly really sinking in.  Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and other times it feels like my undergraduate days at American were eons ago.  
 The last year has been filled with so many wonderful events.  I packed up and left DC after 4 fabulous years there for college, I packed up and moved to Boston for graduate school, I have successfully completed two challenging (but enjoyable) semesters of graduate school, and I have passed 3 of the 5 required state license exams.
 I still have such strong memories of my graduation weekend.  The excitement I felt about moving onto the next chapter in my life, the chill that went down my spine when my name was called by Dr. Riley, the roar from the College of Arts and Sciences' graduates as we moved our tassels from right to left (or was it left to right?). I think the size of my smile that day was as big as it has ever been.
 And now, I am nearly halfway through my time at Wheelock.  It's amazing, I am so proud of everything I have done, academically.  I've worked super hard over the past two semesters and I am loving everything that I am learning and everyone I am meeting.
Graduate school may have delayed my entry into the "real world"- but I definitely feel like in the past year, since I walked across the stage, I have entered a wonderful new chapter in my life.  I am loving my life in Boston, loving the choice to come to Wheelock, and loving looking forward to what the future holds.  What a wonderful year!

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Laurie said... {Reply}

Thank you for the watermelon advice!

Sian said... {Reply}

aw so much ahead of you! Lovely x

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Congratulations on completing your second semester... onwards and upwards! =)