Monday, May 9, 2011

I Heart Mommys

This weekend I had the privilege to spend mother's day with my sister on her first mother's day! While I missed spending time with my mom on this Hallmark celebration of motherhood (I am a firm believer in celebrating my mom's amazingness 365 days a year!) I was super excited to watch Avi enjoy the first of many mother's day with the one and only Noam!

We spent the holiday weekend on the Oregon Coast and hung out on the beach and in the local small town.  Noam loved all the one-on-one time with his mommy (and daddy, of course).  And I loved the opportunity to capture some great pictures of Avi and her little guy!
It has been so amazing to watch Avi as a mom the last 6 months.  She loves this little guy more than words can describe.  The look on her face when she gets home from work and the smile on his face every time he catches her eye is priceless.  I may have strongly disliked when as a kid Avi tried to act as my other mother, but today she is amazing and Noam couldn't have asked for a more awesome mommy! 

I love you something crazy Avi, here is to many, many, many more mother's days.  Noam is so lucky to have you as his rockstar mom!

26 thoughts on the matter:

Digital Mom said... {Reply}

so sweet! and love the punch of blue color!

Erica said... {Reply}


Christina said... {Reply}

You can tell that she loves being his mom! Very sweet!

Rachel said... {Reply}

Lovely! Motherhood looks just lovely on her!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

I so feel the love in this post... and in that pic of Avi with Noam! :)

Sian said... {Reply}

aw lovely x

Team Lando said... {Reply}

Love the blue... And double love because it's my first mother's day, too :)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Cute, cute, cute!!! I bet you are a wonderful aunt. Love the colors in this photo, great job!

Heather said... {Reply}

So so sweet!

Crystal Starr said... {Reply}

What a fun photo! I'm sure you'll both treasure it!

Chellie Dee said... {Reply}

Love the look on his face!

Simple Girl said... {Reply}

You can just see how much she loves him!

Creative Escapes said... {Reply}

You can see the pure joy and love in her eyes - great capture!

Jamie said... {Reply}

aww cute

borne . image . photography said... {Reply}

So sweet ... little boys bring so much joy to a mom's heart. You can see that in her face! And I have to say with the others, I love the blue, too! Thanks so much for the visit earlier, as well! Have a great day! :)

Helen said... {Reply}

There's nothing like a first Mother's Day!

Danyelle said... {Reply}

Love it! You really captured her love for me here.

Team Lando said... {Reply}

Just read your profile. I am a SPED teacher who has a daughter with Down syndrome!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said... {Reply}

Such a sweet picture of your sister an her son.

tracy@sellabitmum said... {Reply}

So sweet. Love the hat!

Life with Kaishon said... {Reply}

Very, very sweet! I love it. I am glad she is taking so well to motherhood. It is magical beyond all else!

Bindi said... {Reply}

Great colours. That is a sweet photo.

Serline said... {Reply}

The unreserved look of love on a mother's face is priceless... a toast to your rockstar-mom sister, and a wonderful aunt that you are!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

How lucky she was to have you there to capture this day! He looks like such a cutie!

Lisa said... {Reply}

Great Post!!!! Happy first mothers day to your sister. :)

Wendhy Jeffers Photography said... {Reply}

Thank you for the blog love! What a cutie in this pic :-)