Friday, June 17, 2011

It was Colonel Mustard in the Library

I remember getting my first library card.  I walked up the stairs to the main desk of the Linwood library and I "signed" my name on the red card and it was mine.  I mainly took the same picture books out again and again and than as I got older I loved borrowing the next "Babysitting Club, Little Sister" books. 
And then, I became a book store "snob" - big bad and now defunct Borders came to our little corner of the world and I loved exploring the shelves, buying books, expanding my collection of prose. My mom kept telling me that there was no need to buy every book, sure Harry Potter and other favorite authors' works were okay snatch up, but for every little book - she preferred to use the library for those sort of books.
In college there was no public library near me, in DC of all places too! So I continued to buy books.  And then I moved to Brookline, ah Brookline.  I live between the two wonderful Brookline libraries and since I am on a grad-student budget, but still love to read books the library it was!
 Why didn't I start doing this earlier too? Just in May I read 6 novels, and took out some children's books for class! I've taken to browsing books at the local bookshop, taking pictures of books I want to read with my iphone's camera, and then taking them out of the library. Illegal, I hope not, genius, I think so.
 Not to mention the Brookline library's main branch is amazing.  The main part of the building dates back to 1910.  They've added onto it in really great ways, but I just love the main reading room. The wood pannled walls, chandeliers, and the main lobby has marble columns. It's just a wonderful place to go and browse the stacks of books.

I am so happy I have gotten over my need to only buy books, I love my local library and love thinking of books that I can read next without having to think about my wallet. And now days away from heading south for the summer, I've returned all my borrowed books and I while there is a great library system in White Plains, I will miss my library and can't wait to get back in August and hit the stacks again!
Not to mention they have great flowers outside! 

3 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

Oh such a beautiful library and your photos are wonderful! The flower is lovely too! Hope you enjoy your summer and find lots of great books to read!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Beautiful photos, Tamar!

I was surrounded by books growing up. My mom would buy lots and lots of books. When I moved to HK, I "discovered" the public library and I've been a loyal borrower since and have cut down on the books I buy. See, I could even suggest titles for them to get and once the books come in, they get in touch with me, so I could check them out. I love that. :)

Rachel said... {Reply}

This made me smile... I've always been a book lover and we just got Itty Bit his first library card last week... he was thrilled to "sign" his name too! :)