Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things my campers say. Volume 2.

W.H: "I'm a Yankees fan"
A.M-U: "What?! You're wearing a Mets hat!"
M.H: "My favorite team is the Yankees!"
A.M-U: "Oh no not again!!"

Z.R: "I don't eat oreos because I have a guinea pig named oreo"

M.H.B: (while playing freeze the counselors in the pool) "Oh man, you're (talking to me) over the rope, and now we can't freeze you!"
 J.G: "I'd like pudding please."
Me: "That's desert, you need to eat lunch first, so what would you like?"
J.G: "Nothing."
Me: "You need to eat some lunch to get pudding"
J.G: "But, I don't want lunch so can I go right to having pudding?"

Z.A: (wearing a shirt with a shark on it) "Laura, are you scared of my shirt?"

While playing animal charades:
M.H: "neigh neigh"
J.R: "Goat! A goat! Goats neigh!"
M.H: "No, no they don't! They definitely don't neigh!"
 Me: Okay, let's go wash our hands before lunch!
J.R: "Oh yay! Oh, wait, wash are hands? I take that oh yay back then...."

J.R: "Did you know? My girl friend is the name of the helper in cooking!"
Us: "Lucy?"
J.R: "Yup! We met in nursery school."

A.M-U: "It's bbq for lunch because it's America's birthday!!"
In music, Kenny, the music-guy-extraordinaire sings a bunch of songs with rhyming. Usually, we the counselors egg the kids into saying orange or silver. This time he asked J.P for a  color and without being egged on he shouts: ORANGE! We were all laughing so hard, it was great.

A.M-U: "This part of my brain is fighting with the other part of my brain over who controls my body."

We were playing duck duck goose and the kids were getting so original with what they were saying. A.F had several great ones: "Spider, spider, web" "Hulk, hulk, robot" and "insect, insect, bug"

We're off to a great summer!

4 thoughts on the matter:

Sian said... {Reply}

hahaha love it!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

Always entertaining, huh!? LOVE the chalk.

deb duty said... {Reply}

Sounds like your summer job is a blast! I love these little sayings. So cute!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Oh, I´m too scared of heights to even consider to see the earth from above. I am not too fond of flying either, but being an austronaut would seriously freak me out, haha! :-D

I can imagine that it must feel quite amazing though... :-)