Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 years of scarring foreheads

When I turned two years old I was given the classic Little Tikes Car as a birthday gift.  I loved it.  I have the fondest memories of driving all over the place in that little car, looking like a modern Fred Flintstone "driving" all over town the house.  But I can't say I had a spotless driving record. 
 That day on my second birthday I went for a cruise around the living room.  It was all going smoothly until I tried to climb out of my hot wheels.  My next move didn't end well.  I tried to climb out and apparently my foot got stuck on the little cross bar under the door and my forehead went head on (bad pun) into the corner of our solid wood coffee table.  And I then spent the rest of my birthday in the local ER getting stitches in my forehead.
That really didn't stop me though.  The coffee table was removed and I was back to cruising the living room, rocking my band-aid accessory.  I really do have fond memories of that little car.  I would drive everywhere my imagination would take me and would give rides to my dolls.  I took the driving very seriously, I remember imitating the car blinker and even stopping to get gas as needed.

At camp we have 20ish Little Tikes cars and my boys beg to go to our "Bikes and Trikes" time. They have a blast drawing roads in chalk and cruising all over the place. They pull over speeders and back into parking spaces better than many NY drivers on the road today!
It's like a giant flashback to my childhood, minus the stitches, the bandaid, and the coffee table.  It's awesome to know that this toy has been stimulated the imaginations of little kids for 30 years! It may have gotten a face lift (literally) but it's still the same car that is burning up driveways everywhere!
Happy birthday Crazy Coupe!

4 thoughts on the matter:

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

They have a number of these little cars at Z's school and the kids always scramble to get to them first!

Life with Kaishon said... {Reply}

Kaishon never liked his! I tried and tried to get him too. He has never been on the beaten path.... : ) I am glad your camp has fun with them. They are cute : )

Serline said... {Reply}

Some Carrefour stores have trolleys that have these plastic cars melded to them. My son loved them!

jackie said... {Reply}

Sofia loves to put her milk cup and cell phone (jay's old blackberry) in the holders in the back and drive around her dolls. The best is when she is tired and starts banging her head on the steering wheel making the car beep until she falls asleep. :)