Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things my campers say. Vol 2. Issue 3.

Camp is over now, and I'll cherish the memories from the past 7 weeks forever! I had a blast with my campers and the things they did and said to make us laugh will be remembered forever!

J.R: Did you know jellyfish are from jars of jelly dumped into the ocean?

Beth: What happens when you get a green (swim bracelet)?
All of 5X: YOUR CAN SWIM!!!

M.S.B: Tamar! Tamar! You threw out my kippah!! 

J.P: A.F. I got a yellow bracelet before you did, but don't feel bad! 
 J.R: There's a cup behind me....TADA!
A.M-U: You did magic!! How did you do that!!

M.B: That song on the CD keeps saying butterflies. We're Spidermen, not butterflies!

J.P: My shirt says All Star!! I'm ready for the 6B All Stars!!

J.G: (pointing to a tall 6 year old girl) Is she a 6 year old teenager?
 M.B: (he had written a bunch of letters in chalk) What's this mean?
Sydney: Hka blap vas
M.B: What's it mean?
Sydney: Nothing, it's just letters.
M.B: Is it French?

J.R: No peacocks in the pool!! Because they may use it as a bathroom and that's nasty!

J.G: (While putting his ear in the pool learning side breathing) What's that fishy? I didn't hear you, you weren't clear.

M.H: (getting upset) I want my hat!
Me: You left it at home today, sorry kiddo.
W.H: You need to stop steaming M.
Me: (While playing 20 questions) Sometimes it's called football.
M.S.B: Chess! Oh, wait that's not right.

J.R: It's Dark Vader. His name is Dark because he's all black.

A.F: (on our imaginary trip to Israel) Are we going to the kibbutz to milk utters?

Kim: N.S. pick a number.
N.S: 8
Kim: Someone else already chose 8, choose again.
N.S: I chose 8, and that's that.
M.B: My favorite nursery rhyme is Bla Bla Black Sheep

A.M-U: I got a new dog. It's name is funny. It's not Alexander and it's not Alexandra. Oh, right is Aidan.

J.P: Mommy got me a new towel at Costco!
M.B: But you can't eat towels, and you buy food at Costco.

In music we blindfold a kid and thy guess who is singing to them. M.S.B was singing and after Z.R guessed who it was he remarked: How did you know it was me!?!
On truck day, trucks come and the kids learn all about them. While at this claw truck:
A.M-U: The clawwww, the clawww (thing aliens from Toy Story.)

And since the summer is over and 7:55 Monday morning staff meetings are no longer, a quote from our camp director:
Julie: You have a life, well not much of one since I occupy much of it.

I couldn't have asked for a better summer!

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Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Oh, I love these!! All these little gems from the little ones made me smile. :)

Rachel said... {Reply}

There is just nothing like camp! What fun memories for you - glad you captured them here!

And yes, apparently the universe is telling you to become a chocoholic :)

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

Love all of these! Whenever we have kids I definitely will be keeping a journal to write down the funny things they surely will say!