Sunday, September 4, 2011

Double digets baby!

Noam is 10 months old! Double digets kiddo!! How is he two months away from being one? Seriously, time flies when you are super cute.
These days, Noam seems more like a little boy then a baby. He's crawling everywhere, pulling up, and just a few days ago he started walking with a little shopping cart toy! It's crazy to think that a mere 10 months ago, he was a little peanut and now he's not so pint size anymore! 
This was such an exciting month for the kiddlet too!  He traveled on an airplane for his first trip to Chicago! The little dare devil apparently loved the take offs and landings the most, and giggled each time! He gets that from his Auntie Mar! 
This month will be exciting for the little guy, too! He's starting "school" and Mr. Personality will definitely have fun making friends at PJA.  He'll also get to celebrate his first Rosh Hashana, I have a feeling he'll love the yummy challah! Noam has definitely made my year sweeter!
 Noam, these last 10 months have been packed full of your cuteness! You really know how to light up my life and put a smile on my face! I truly hope that you continue to make people smile and spread your happiness everywhere you go! 

Happy 10 months day, Noam! Love you something crazy!

4 thoughts on the matter:

Rj and Jessie said... {Reply}

This is so cute!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Awww. So adorable. Growing up so quickly.

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Noam's so lucky he has such a doting auntie like you! =)

Jim said... {Reply}

What a cutie pie! I can see how he could makes 'things' very special!