Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I was nervous about capturing a good bokeh. I know how to, but usually it's because of what I am focusing on. But I was so excited to capture this! The yellow bokeh is so great behind the yellow flower.

Process of elimination:
So, I was super excited to work with this one. I pushed myself to really eliminate excess from my focus.  I was at my neighborhood book shop and found these colorful Moleskins and it screamed picture! Below is what I started with and above is how I eliminated the excess! 

I printed up all my summer pictures and was putting them into the albums this morning and had such a nice time remembering all the fun I had this summer!

All the fun statues are downtown, and this being the first week of teaching I couldn't go track down Paul Revere. And then I thought of the awesome dance sculptures I have from IKEA! Add a little IKEA lighting, and voila!

Flying High:
I immediately thought of swinging! This little girl was loving the swings on a (finally) sunny afternoon at the playground!

25 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

Great interpretations this week. The printed pictures of your summer was a great idea and it made a fun photo. I love the moleskin notebooks and the flying high is so cute! Oh and I love the yellow bokeh too!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Great job on the process of elimination! I also love the statue. =)

You are so good at doing up your albums as soon as possible. I wish I were the same. :(

Rachelle said... {Reply}

I* love* the statue photo. Such a beautifully backlit piece. There's a movement in the figure and the lighting suggests she/he is on stage. Great interpretation for remember. And lovely elimination image.

Abby said... {Reply}

The flowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I love your bokeh shot and the last two. Gorgeous!

Mad Mind said... {Reply}

I love the statute! And for flying high, her smile is wonderful!

staci said... {Reply}

Love the process of elimination, looks great.

tinajo said... {Reply}

Love the colorful pics, just what I need right now, jet lagged and all! :-)

tinajo said... {Reply}

Oh - and FUN with your little swedish student..! :-) Before you know it you´ll be able to write to me in swedish! ;-)

scrapinbabygal said... {Reply}

Hi. Awesome captures this week!! I love the elimination (so colorful) and remember (i love reminiscing when i look back at pictures). have a great week!!

Kathy said... {Reply}

Ah, your flying high photo makes me smile :) Love the look on her face, priceless.


Leovi said... {Reply}

Very nice pictures, all are very attractive.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

love that first, great set this week!!! reminded me, I should probably print up some of my photos too!

Brooke said... {Reply}

Really fun set of shots! Loved the books and your amazing bokeh!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said... {Reply}

Great finds :)

Linda R. said... {Reply}

These look amazing.. That last shot is so sweet.. She looks so happy..

Hugs, Linda

Tara said... {Reply}

love the flying high and statue! Awesome set!

Deanna said... {Reply}

Wonderful series of images. Love your stack of pictures, great idea for "remember". Good luck on your coming year.

Stasha said... {Reply}

Fun take on prompts and perfect execution.

Ashley Sisk said... {Reply}

Love that last shot and your process of elimination is so colorful - makes me happy!

Valeria said... {Reply}

Really like your process of elimination. Great result

Danelle said... {Reply}

Great shots! I love your statue!

Cedar said... {Reply}

Great set! I love the beautiful bokeh and the swing shot is so sweet!

Nukke said... {Reply}

Flying high is a cute pic. Remember is very homely and nice. Elimination shows the essential and Bokeh is your best shot !!!!!

Faith said... {Reply}

How beautiful!