Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn in New York England

I love fall in New England. The colors are so vibrant, the air is so crisp, the feeling in the air is just so refreshing after a long summer. 
The transformation just happens over night. One night the sun sets on green leaves and dawn rises on leaves of crimson and gold.
Leaves scatter the sides of the road and sides of the pathways and the familiar crunch of the leaves beneath my feat has returned once more. I even find myself going out of my way to walk through the leaf piles, it wouldn't be fall without it.
The weather has been perfect. Just calling out for a walk along the Fenway.  Hearing the breeze blowing through the trees, and watching the leaves slowly fall to the ground is just so relaxing.
The river has been super muddy from all the rain, hence the name the Muddy River. But despite the muddiness the reflection of the trees and bridges was just stunning!
And nothing says fall more than pumpkins, harvest corn, gords, and various squashes. If I could have I would have brought home a few of each of these.
I love fall in Boston, it makes me want to curl up under a blanket and enjoy the falling leaves. Of course, before I know it, I'll be watching the snow flakes fall... I better enjoy fall while I can!

18 thoughts on the matter:

Life with Kaishon said... {Reply}

I love your pretty fall pictures Tamar!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Gorgeous pics, you´ve catched the essentials of fall! :-)

EmFish said... {Reply}

I love fall in boston. but i also love waking up to a new post of your pictures!

MarieHarmony said... {Reply}

Enjoy each minute of it, it is so beautiful - Your photos are just perfect, giving us a wonderful sight of Fall season.

Posie Patchwork said... {Reply}

Oh thanks for your comments about the Queen on my blog, she is incredible!! Love this post, wow, look at that produce, amazing, great shots!! Greetings from Australia, your newest follower, love Posie

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

So, so pretty!! :) I read your title and now I have Barry Manilow's song in my head. ;p

Secret Mom Thoughts said... {Reply}

Pretty fall shots. I love fall in new England too.

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

All of the pictures of the leaves are GORGEOUS!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said... {Reply}

Beautiful... every bit of it! You are so right, fall is so refreshing after a long summer. And fall is just full of amazing colors! :)

freckles & dimples said... {Reply}

I totally agree with this post! We were in CT two weeks ago, and the air was crisp and the colors were amazing. Beautiful shots!

Jessica Monte said... {Reply}

I heart New England. Your photos make me ache to return there this fall. I love that burst of light in that top photo and there is so much feeling and nostalgia (for me) in your photos too.

Susan said... {Reply}

Beautiful shots! I love fall “back East”, it’s just not quite the same here in Cali, where we have more plants that stay green, and the temps are still in the ‘80s. Thanks for posting these so I can experience some of the joys of fall!

Sara said... {Reply}

I love New England fall! Your photos are lovely. :)

Sian said... {Reply}

Girl these shots are insanely good!!!

Sara said... {Reply}

I love your autumn shots, the colours are so gorgeous! Love the leaves at the start and the reflections best.

Meryl said... {Reply}

I also love fall in New England / New York, and your photos REALLY capture it beautifully.

Brooke said... {Reply}

I love your take on fall!!

barefoot mama said... {Reply}

Lovely photos! Barefoot Mama