Monday, October 3, 2011

Rosh Hashanah (w)Rap-up

Another Rosh Hashanah come and gone. Another year has begun. 

This was a fabulous Rosh Hashanah, a fabulous start to what I hope is a fabulous year to come. 

Mom and I had a lovely holiday.  We also continued the tradition we started a few years back of finding specially flavored honeys.  This year we tried the Pepper - made from the pollen of the pink peppercorn plant, amazing! And our favorite, meadowfoam. Made from the pollen of the marshmellow plant, this honey is heaven sent! The perfect start to a sweet new year. 
 We had a great time cooking together in my little kitchen. We planned tasty menus of some holiday favorites. For the first night we had stuffed zucchini boats, roasted red onions and peppers, sweet potato fluff, and veggie soup. The second night we had salmon steaks, more roasted red onions, and ginger carrots pancakes. And of course, honey-bee cookies for desert!
But, the holiday isn't all about honey and eating lots of delicious food. I had the pleasure of helping plan the services for my minyan this year. And they were wonderful and meaningful. Warm, welcoming, full of heart and soul, good singing, and good davening.

This really was a meaningful and enjoyable start to 5772. Now onto Yom Kippur and the rest of the fall holidays! Here's to a sweet new year!

2 thoughts on the matter:

sherri lynn said... {Reply}

Trying different honeys sounds really fun! And those zucchini boats look delicious! Hope you are having a great week! :)

Sian said... {Reply}

nice! my hubby does the same!