Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy birthday, Noam!!!!

Happy birthday, Noam!!! How can it be that one year ago I was looking at this picture and today I am looking at pictures of a little boy? I cannot imagine a year without Noam! What an amazing year it has been!
It's crazy to think that just one year ago Noam slept like a baby burrito all wrapped up and today he moves all around his crib with his lovies, his burrito days far behind him. 
It feels like just yesterday his pacifier was almost as big as his face. Today he is much bigger than it is, but I still love how adorable and innocent he looks when he's soothing himself with his pacifier. That dreamy look in his eyes is still ever present.
 Noam is in the driver's seat now, he's a big boy whose feet touch the ground when he's relaxing in his walker, no longer just sitting back with Mr. Moose. Today he'll chase after Rundi or just go cruising around the kitchen in pursuit of something to play with.
Noam's palate has improved from bibs and bumbos and onto kale, puffs, avocados, and pears! He's an amazing eater and it's crazy to think that mere months ago his meal times were simply a bottle and some rice cereal. Now it's table food at the table for my little kiddlet! 
I really never thought I could love a little person like I love Noam. He's been sunshine in my life this past year and I am honored to be his Auntie Mar. I love to show off pictures and telling stories of his adorable antics. His smile makes any bad day dissolve away and I cannot imagine life without this little ball of energy! 
 This month, much like the past 12, has been another exciting month for the Noam-ster. He took his first steps, went to an apple orchard, and continued being cute! He is one active kiddo and loves exploring his little world.
I cannot wait to watch him grow and continue to explore the world around him. I couldn't imagine Noam turning one and I cannot imagine the amazingness that this year will hold for my little buddy. 
Noam even celebrated his first Halloween! It's insane to think that just days after Avi was a pregnant skeleton last year Noam made his appearance. So of course he was a Noam-skeleton this year! He was a super big-boy and walked around his neighborhood and took some candy! Amazing the difference a year can make!
 Noam my wish for you, on this amazing first birthday, is that you never stop wondering and exploring. That you always know how much your family loves and cherishes life with you in it.  Noam, may you continue to make everyone you meet smile, may you continue to light up the world, and make even the rainest days full of sunshine. I love you something crazy, and I am so happy to call you my nephew.
Love, Auntie Mar!

PS - only 20 days until I get too see you and hug you in person!! I can't wait!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said... {Reply}

Happy birthday Noam! He is adorable.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

A lovely birthday to Noam! What a sweet post, a special gift for this little man!

EmFish said... {Reply}

I am so obsessed with the side by side of the two Halloween costumes!!

AJ said... {Reply}

Happy birthday! He's sòòò cute...

deb duty said... {Reply}

Happy Birthday to Noam! I love the collage! You really have some wonderful photos of his first year.

tinajo said... {Reply}

Happy birthday to this little sweetie! :-)

DebC said... {Reply}

How lucky he is that his aunt will photographically document his life.
Great job!