Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another trip around the sun

In late 2008, during my junior year in college, I caught wind of a little thing called Project 365. Curious, I did a quick google search and was quite intrigued by what I found. I had been getting more into photography and thought it was the perfect "in," so I decided to take the challenge on. I posted my pictures of my "365 Day Trip Around the Sun" on the first blog I created and eventually created a book of all my pictures.  

And man, I loved the challenge. Sure some days were a picture of my dinner, but for the most part I really honed my craft. The really cool part? I can look at any picture from that year and tell you where I was, what was happening, and why I wanted to take the picture! 
January: Winter Wonderlights        February: Shedding tree at AU    March: Visiting Las Vegas
April: First lavender on campus    May: Procrastinating during finals   June: PSU farmer's market
July: July 4th at Kensico               August: Bronx River Pathway       September: Senior year at AU
October: Sky and Stone                 November: Reflections              December: NYC in winter

Then of course there are the sublime and ridiculous shots - but they're memories!
January: Meeting Ann Curry         February: Cleaning day                March: Nature's java
April: Civic duty: taxes                   May: Relaxing after finals            June: Rundi and me a selfie
July: In 2009, really?                    August: Ridiculous, see?            September: New fridge (slow day)
October: Christmas in Oct              November: Very rainy month       December: Santa got run over?

Anyway! I took 2010 and 2011 off, mainly because I was tired of lugging a camera with me all the time. But clearly I kept taking pictures and really fell in love with photography, eventually starting and really getting this blog rolling.

All this to say, I'm taking the challenge on again! I'm super stoked to document my year again (with followers this time, ha!). I'm in a different place in life, a different city, and with much better photography skills!

So, hope you'll follow along and I'll see you in 2012, or before, I will be blogging before 2012!

14 thoughts on the matter:

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Looking forward to seeing 2012 through your eyes. I might just try it myself. Have fun, Tamar.

tinajo said... {Reply}

Sounds like a great challenge - will be fun to follow! You better be blogging before 2012 or else..! ;-)

SarahinSC said... {Reply}

How wonderful to be able to look back and have a documented memory of various times. Fun to look through!

Avi said... {Reply}

And 2012 is a leap year--Project 366!

deb duty said... {Reply}

I'm so glad you're doing this again! 2012 will be my third year doing a project 365. I love having the photos of our daily life to look back on. I enjoyed your recap today! It's good that you got a pic of the pay phone. They'll be extinct soon!

DebC said... {Reply}

And what city for 2012?

Chic Homeschool Mama said... {Reply}

What a great idea to wrap up the year like this. I think I have daunting task of sorting through the year's photos to do my own recap.

Amarie said... {Reply}

I don't think I cold do a 365 lol, but I'm almost done with my Project 52 and it feels GOOD! By the way, love those rainboots - can I have them?? :-D

Susan said... {Reply}

What fun! It looks like a great project to start up again. Good luck!

Sandy said... {Reply}

My Mystical Photography The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo, for "light," and graph, for "drawing." "Drawing with light" is a way of describing photography. When a photograph is made, light or some other form of radiant energy, such as X rays, is used to record a picture of an object or scene on a light-sensitive surface.

Rachel said... {Reply}

You are committed! Love that you remember where all those photos were taken and why! Now if I could just get more time to break my camera out! :)

Pieces of Sunshine said... {Reply}

It wil be an interesting journey. Love that you capture the everyday "stuff" which becomes more precious over the years.

Serline said... {Reply}

Go ahead and challenge yourself and take more beautiful photos.:)

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

What a wonderful year in pictures! And good luck next year...make it a joy, not a burden and the photos will fly from your camera! I love what you capture!