Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scav Hunt Sunday: Half empty or half full?

Cliche, yes. But, I was jet lagged and taught my class alone all week, so please forgive me.

I always buy avocados when they're hard and let them soften up until I decide I want them. This time when I cut it open it was the perfect amount of softness I like in my avocados!

One color:
The back stairs in my apartment building are these great rustic feeling brick walls, all in white.

Noam decided he wanted to help fold laundry my last morning there. It was so precious!

Half-empty or half-full? I try hard to be a half-full type of person!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
PS - come back tomorrow to see my first week in this year's Project 366! I'm super excited and have further challenged myself to not use a SHS picture for P366! 

36 thoughts on the matter:

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Absolutely love your soft interpretation, a great collection.

Dorian Susan said... {Reply}

Noam is so adorable...somehow is helping must make everything take longer, yet be worth it.
How can one not choose eggs for dozen...I was totally going to do that but for a wonderful surprise moment I hadn't realized.
Glad you had a good trip.

Rj and Jessie said... {Reply}

So cute!

Sarah Knight said... {Reply}

Lovely : )

I'm usually thirsty, so the glass is probably going to have been consumed
; )

Gretchen said... {Reply}

Aww... love your little laundry helper! Great collection!

Raymonde said... {Reply}

Hi, love the laundry shot! And I also love eating avocados when they are just soft. Have an excellent day. :)

Megan said... {Reply}

Your first photo is great!

Nukke said... {Reply}

Cool everyday photos and 1. is the best but 1/2 full is something to think about (if one is optimist or pessimist :)

Have a nice week !!!!

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

I'm a half full type of gal as well

Becs said... {Reply}

Noam is so cute! Great shots, love your avocado.

Mad Mind said... {Reply}

I love texture so I think your one color is pretty cool in a couple of ways. The bricks are just great!

And who doesn't want to do laundry with that face smiling up at them? She's adorable!

SarahinSC said... {Reply}

Cute little laundry helper! I try to be a glass-half-full kind of person too.

Kathy said... {Reply}

I totally love my avocados too! Yum! I really like your "one color". The texture of the bricks gives it such interest.


Jen said... {Reply}

Great pictures this week!! Love them! I have to ask, what is SHS? I'm doing Project 366 too!

Susan said... {Reply}

Great collection! I’m now craving avocados!

MG Atwood said... {Reply}

Nice set. We have similiar takes on prompts. Your laundry shot is fabulous! Have a great week.

Kay Rhodes said... {Reply}

Love the avocado shot....and I love avocados!! Nice photos!!!

Deborah L. Tisch said... {Reply}

Your laundry helper is precious! My favorite image is your one color. That wall is just so rich in color and texture.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my images today.

Christine E-E said... {Reply}

ohhh... how was your first week back to work/school? Love your avocado {soft} --- I would imagine you ate it soon after cutting to prevent the brown-ness from taking over.
It must have been difficult to leave that adorable little one behind {laundry helper} --- hopefully, you'll be able to see him on your Spring Break.

Saun said... {Reply}

mmm I love avocados your laundry shot is cute.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Great pictures. Laundry is just life. I tend to be a half full guy as well. It is easier for me. Thanks for your visit.

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

I love the eggs- it gave such an awesome illusion when I was scrolling!

Tezzie said... {Reply}

Wonderful!! I love that avocado shot...awesome! And, your little laundry helper is too cute for words <3

Ida said... {Reply}

Very nice job with the prompts.
Love your laundry shot, so precious.
Also enjoyed the Soft photo. Avocados are a favorite of mine.

Ashley Sisk said... {Reply}

Nicely done - I really like your laundry shot! So sweet.

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Love your soft avocado shot and your empty shot. As usual, Noam is adorable in the laundry shot!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Noam looks so cute in that pile of laundry. :)

Cedar said... {Reply}

Cute laundry shot and that avocado does look wonderful!

Stasha said... {Reply}

I am totally a half full kinda girl. Fake it until you make it, right? Love your laundry shot!!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said... {Reply}

Love your interpretations, Tamar -- even if you were jetlagged and tired, you did a fantastic job. :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said... {Reply}

I had a similar idea for laundry, but it didn't happen. :) LOVE yours, Tamar...and your one color is perfect!

sophie...^5 said... {Reply}

Me too sweetie...feels better doesn't it...I do the same with my much better that way!

Nita Davis said... {Reply}

Very cute laundry shot. That soft shot looks so good it makes me want avocado.

Katie said... {Reply}

I love your laundry shot! How cute that he wanted to help you fold!

Sian said... {Reply}

I always enjoy your Sunday hunts. You have a good eye x

Anonymous said... {Reply}

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