Monday, February 20, 2012

7 weeks gone by

Another week! A busy one too. Valentine's Day with the class, watching the kids perform for their parents, another Wheelock observation, breaking a toe (not my favorite feature of the week), and the start of February vacation (a favorite feature of the week).  Now it's time for a week of rest and relaxation (and course work), but sleeping past 5am! 

ps - The Artist - amazing!! 

13 thoughts on the matter:

deb duty said... {Reply}

Great week, except for the broken toe! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Sorry to hear about your toe, I feel your pain. Great week of shots though. Have a great break!

Rene' Sharp said... {Reply}

Oooh that must have been sore!! Loved looking at your photos from last week :)

Kim C. said... {Reply}

Your poor toe! Yay for vacation time. We have this week off too. Looking forward tomsome downtime as I am sure you are. Enjoy!

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Enjoy your vacation . . . hope the injusred toe doesn't cramp your style too much. Sweet valentines.

Susan said... {Reply}

Ouch, sorry to hear about your toe! Hope it doesn't keep you down on your vacation! (I had a close call last week too, but thankfully was wearing boots.)

Lori said... {Reply}

Oh wow, sorry about your toe! Take care of yourself!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Sorry to hear about your broken toe.

I keep seeing this meme and I want to join... Maybe one of these days. :)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Looks like a great week besides the broken toe. Hope it is getting better.

Mary Dapelo said... {Reply}

Yes, great week! Broken toes are a downer...especially since you can't do too much with them.

Chelsea said... {Reply}

Great pictures! So jealous of your week off-we get one day next week. But, we did get a week off in the fall this year which was new and exciting!

Serline said... {Reply}

I hope your toes are much better now.
Take Care and Have a great vacation!

Chic Homeschool Mama said... {Reply}

Oh no- broken toe, no fun!!!!! Hope it is better soon.