Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scav Hunt Sunday: Splashes of Sun

 On a whim I chose to walk home from Fenway Park last week, rather than take the T.  Good thing I did since I heard a fountain and went "splash!"

 Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall in the background were built in the early 1800s are are still standing today. They are a popular tourist and shopping area, now-a-days and a fun spot to hang out on a nice day.

In the Sun:
 The temps were so summer-like this past week. People were out and about in Boston enjoying the warmth and sunshine!

Makes me Smile:
 I love watermelon. With the summer like weather I was so happy to see a street vendor at Quincy Market selling some fresh cut melon, it made me and my tummy smile!

Mellow yellow! I love how the yellow is also reflected in the knife's edge!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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Brandi said... {Reply}

I love the splash and yellow--great pictures!

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Great In the Sun shot! Such lovely colors --green and purple/pink. Nice composition, too. :)

Watermelon makes me smile, too! Since last week, I've been having watermelon every. single. day... and this will continue on for as long as watermelon is in season. I LOVE watermelon!

Amanda said... {Reply}

Beautiful set! Love yellow, and in the sun is gorgeous! All fabulous photos!

Nicki said... {Reply}

Your yellow is, of course, a stroke of genius (like minds and all that - wink wink). You have a great collection of shots for this week's words.

Burnice said... {Reply}

Loving these pics - they are soooo clear - especially like "splash".
Thanks for commenting on mine!
Burnice x

Deanna said... {Reply}

All of your images this week say summer, all so full of fun sunshine and light

Susan said... {Reply}

That yellow lemon popped right out of the linky at me. Great shot! Boston looks lovely in spring bloom. I was noting what a pretty time of year this is just yesterday.
You'll have to play with that fountain again another time. I like the one over by the Christin Science building and Prudential Center. Have a great day.

Rustic Vintage Country said... {Reply}

Wow, what good photos! Suzy x

Kathy said... {Reply}

I totally LOVE Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market....add in Newberry Street and I"m in heaven :) Your "in the sun" photo is just perfect. I feel like I'm walking behind them soaking up some rays. Great job Tamar!

Andrea Dawn said... {Reply}

Lovely lemon shot and your pick for in the sun is just beautiful.

Patrice said... {Reply}

Fabulous photos - love the sun flare in Ancient!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Great set of photos this week! :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

Lovin' that splash!!!! Well done!

Brooke said... {Reply}

Tamar - I loved the all. What a great set. I looooove yellow, and splash and smile! It does look refreshing.

Happy Sunday ;D

Danelle said... {Reply}

Fun shots this week! I love the background on the watermelon shot. Great contrast!

Lea said... {Reply}

Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
Wonderful capture of the lemon with its reflection, but it is the watermelon that I like best!
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie

Nukke said... {Reply}

Yellow and that red food are good food photos and I like your splash photo too !!!!!

Karen said... {Reply}

Boston is beautiful and your photos are stunning. My favorite is Quincy Market. I love how you captured the activity in the area as the frame of the building. And the sun flare is gorgeous.

Kay Rhodes said... {Reply}

Boston looks like such a great place to take photographs...I've never been there. Beautiful shots!!!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Wonderful choices this week. Watermelon makes me smile also. Great set. Thanks

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

Oh, I'm smiling at your watermelon too and great contrasting background. The only thing that would make me smile bigger is a bowl for myself! ha

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

We've had a bitnof chilly weather in the south this week. I would love some warm days like you have captured here. Quincy Market looks fun! I love places like this. I like your watermelon cup! That is summer in a cup!

Holly said... {Reply}

I LOVE your pictures this week! Especially's amazing!

Honey Mommy said... {Reply}

Your in the sun shot looks like a great place to spend the day!

Now I need to get some watermelon!

Nita Davis said... {Reply}

Great set, especially your splash shot. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

A fabulous set this week. I have to say your watermelon made me smile too! I may have to make a run to the market, hehe!

Valeria said... {Reply}

In the sun is perfect, makes me want to be there.

Lui said... {Reply}

I love all of your shots!
And I hope you're enjoying the sunny weather ;-)

tinajo said... {Reply}

Great pics - and the watermelon makes me long for those warm summer evenings..! :-)

Susan @ Sunflower Status said... {Reply}

Love these! I'm especially fond of the watermelon shot, great cropping!

a shutter bug said... {Reply}

Lovely yellow shot, good stuff !

Wendy said... {Reply}

Wow...what great shots...I am headed to Boston, well just outside of Boston, for a week this summer. You just piqued my interest a little I have to wait until the end of July to see more!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Have a great week!

Ashley Sisk said... {Reply}

I love the light in your ancient shot - so pretty.

Megan said... {Reply}

Mmm watermelon. Looks so good! Can't wait for summer.