Thursday, August 2, 2012

The city of roses and Noam

Right after I got to PDX on Tuesday we sprung Noam from school and headed to the Rose Garden. I hadn't been there in a while and the weather was perfect for some time in the park! Noam had fun pointing at flower and running through the beds and I got to have some fun taking pictures of Noam and the roses.
 Noam was being very pensive at first. Mr. Serious took some time to warm up to the idea of looking at flowers.
 I just love how he puts his hands behind his back and on his hips and then down his pants...that's a toddler for you!
 The mountains were all out! This is Mt. Hood in all it's snowy glory!
Back to Noam! When we got back to their house he played with a very fancy toy, a salad spinner. He tried to spin his shoes and shirt, it's all the range in the culinary scene.
He rounded out the crazy toddler hour by proving the washable-ness of crayola markers, playing with his cars, some less messy coloring, and waiting for daddy to get home! So far so fun! We're off to the Japanese Gardens today, we'll see how zen Noam can be!

14 thoughts on the matter:

Nicky @ said... {Reply}

Wonderful shots, your nephew is cute as a button!

Jeanne said... {Reply}

Your little guy is totally adorable. He must have seen someone else doing this. What great shots!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

So cute! And thank goodness for washable markers, otherwise my youngest would have the most "lovely" tattoos.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

The roses leave me speechless! Very jealous♥ Noam what a character he him walking with his arms behind his back...too cute.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

tinajo said... {Reply}

Beautiful roses and pics - and he is just adorable! :-)

Karen @ away for the weekend said... {Reply}

Beautiful pictures. I especially love the mountain!

The Artful Diva said... {Reply}

what a sweet little boy Noam is. I love his name. Does it have a special meaning? The roses are glorious too.

Annmarie Pipa said... {Reply}

wow..beautiful beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I love rose gardens! Would love to have one of my own so I'm working on it.
Your little man is very cute:)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

You sure are having a fantastic time!!!!! Love the drawing on the chest- ahhhh, toddlers.

Nancy Claeys said... {Reply}

So much fun at that age... so happy you get to see him this summer before school starts up again. xo

Sherri B. said... {Reply}

Oh my gosh, Noam is adorable! lol...those photos made me smile. And wow, what gorgeous flower photos! I love Japanese Gardens...I hope you'll share your photos from there, too. :)

Pieces of Sunshine said... {Reply}

The variety and beauty of roses never ceases to delight. Noam is growing up so quickly.

Rachel said... {Reply}

You were in my neighborhood!!!

I love PDX - the Rose Garden, the Saturday Market!

Add Noam, and how could it get any better? :)