Tuesday, August 7, 2012


One of my favorite spots in all of Portland is the Japanese Gardens. I've been many a time, but never with Noam. One morning we headed over for some fun. He had a blast and loved it! I tried to balance taking in the serene sights and chasing a toddler, it was an experience!   
He loved watching the water and koy in the pond. Saying "bu-bie" as the water moved down stream. I had to pull him away to go find more things to see.
 There are tons of stone staircases and Noam refused all help to go up and down them. He did some standing up, some on this tush, and others on his knees. Determined and a dare devil all wrapped up into one.
 One of my favorite spots in the whole garden. Noam, a lover of all things rocks, got the biggest smile on his face when he came to the giant zen stone garden. Then when I told him we couldn't touch them he took off for another spot, realizing this wasn't as great a spot as Auntie Mar was hyping it up to be!
We had a great morning. After a short stop at the local playground he was asleep in his carseat before we even drove out of Washington Park!

15 thoughts on the matter:

Pieni Lintu said... {Reply}

Looks very pretty place to visit!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

my friend lives in Portland and loves this garden as well. no wonder. it looks like such a beautiful place!

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

First, you are such a wonderful Aunt . . . and what a gorgeous, gorgeous place. You have have captured Noam in such a wonderful way . . . such memories made!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

He is SOO adorable crawling up those stairs. What a photographers delight to be in these gardens.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

EG CameraGirl said... {Reply}

I'm sure it was a treat to visit with a toddler. It's good to see the world through a little person's eyes!

Susan @ Sunflower Status said... {Reply}

Fun! Love that Zen garden, and the fact everything is so green!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said... {Reply}

Isn't that just so absolutely beautiful!!!!! What a great time!!!

Janet said... {Reply}

what a beautiful place!! and what a lucky boy to have such a cool Aunty who takes him to places like this!! Beautiful shots!

Danelle said... {Reply}

How fun! The pictures are beautiful.

Jidhu Jose said... {Reply}

nice place.

Noam surely liked it :)

Jidhu Jose said... {Reply}

nice place.

Noam surely liked it :)

deb duty said... {Reply}

What a beautiful place and even more fun with Noam! You got some really cute pictures of him!

Nancy Claeys said... {Reply}

I love Japanese garden design. What a great place to visit with your little man. :)

Kaylene said... {Reply}

What fun at the pick your own. Great photographs.

Shoshanah said... {Reply}

It's so pretty! I just love the waterfall!