Monday, October 15, 2012

41st week around the sun

Another busy week! Sunday, I went out and crossed a huge item off my fall bucket list: apple picking! We had a blast and I turned about 7 lbs of apples into some rocking apples sauce (recipe coming this week). This week also saw the end to the marathon month of fall Jewish holidays! It ended with a great simchat torah celebration: essentially, after a month of being serious at synagogue, it's a night and day of dancing and singing with the Torahs. Back at school, it's been business as usual. My math class is loving math centers and I am loving that my desktop in my office works now! I topped off the week with a great walk in the crisp fall air at the town reservoir. I am just loving fall this year!  
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7 thoughts on the matter:

Lori said... {Reply}

I Love that first photo so fun!
I'm feeling better, Thank you!

Kim C. said... {Reply}

Your fall images are making me wistful! Our autumn is really just getting started here in the south. I'm ready for all of these things you are showing lately. Your applesauce looks great!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Haha, the first pic cracked me up - apples on your heads, but where was the arrow?! :-D

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said... {Reply}

100% impressed with the apple sauce! What an AWESOME week you had!

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

I concur, what a fabulous week, AND applesauce! Great fall pics!

Renae said... {Reply}

oh, I love the lake and the leaves. Those two photographs are my favs so far.

Yes, weren't those shoes so dang cute (hot pink rose looking, huh?)

packmom said... {Reply}

We went apple picking too! Fun times and such a great fall activity. Great reflection shot--brilliant fall colors too.