Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please touch!

We had a fun morning yesterday at the Children's Museum. I have always wanted to check it out and this trip Noam was at the perfect age to have some fun there. 
 It was super busy, but Noam warmed up in the truck pit. Give this kid a truck and he's happy as a clam at high tide!
We spent some time building in the construction zone, too. Noam is just so intentional in his play, it's so fun to watch. 
 We did some shopping and cooking too.  My nephew is that kid who fills his basket up with tomatoes and avocados and cooks up sushi rather than pie!
 At this point we needed some quiet time so we had a break in the light box zone, so so cool! I had to play with the giant light bright too!
 Before we left, Noam decided the water zone did look fun. He loved splashing and squirting water all around the splash zone. He had one wipe-out from the slick floor but thought it was hilarious!
 This kid also just loves to sit back and take everything in. We hung out in the quiet area and just watched everyone else run around. Then he was ready to "play more!"
We were about to leave when we heard another kid say they played with playdough, Noam grabbed my hand and we made a b-line for the art zone! 

I just love this kid and his curiosity, I will remember this fun morning for a long long time! 
Little by Little

6 thoughts on the matter:

Pride In Photos said... {Reply}

Now here is a place I have been to! You are right, fantastic for glad you and your boys could go.

The Artful Diva said... {Reply}

A friend and I are going to the C'mon Children's Museum - and we don't have any grandkids here. It's suppose to be a wonderful place.

Kim C. said... {Reply}

This museum looks great! They have some play areas that I wish ours had. Love the trucks!

Seraphina´s Phantasie said... {Reply}

What a wonderful place for a child and a photographer. Amazing !

Jesh St Germain said... {Reply}

Oh, as an adult I wanna be there too and play!

Shoshanah said... {Reply}

I think these type of museums always look like so much fun! Especially with the giant lite brite