Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scav Hunt Sunday: Bangles and Burp Clothes

 An awesome window carving at the Met's Islamic art exhibit, sort of looks like lace.

An awesome, very old wood panel, at the Met.

Some awesome jewelry from Turkey in the (you guessed it) Met collection.

A mirror selfie during my "about to turn 25" photo shoot - autofocus backfired, but it worked!

I used these fun fabrics to make some burp clothes for a friend's new baby. I love how they turned out.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

28 thoughts on the matter:

Lea said... {Reply}

Love the jewelry!
Have a blessed Sunday!
Lea's Menagerie

DrillerAA09 said... {Reply}

The lace window is extraordinary. Nicely captured photo set. Have a blessed day.

Patti G said... {Reply}

Did you do you selfie in the bathroom at the Met? LOL!
What a great set this week, but I'm really loving your fuzzy little self Tamar.

Jackie said... {Reply}

I have to agree with Driller. I am in love with the window. Nice se all the way around!

Happy Sunday ♥

kewkew said... {Reply}

Wow, that window carving is lovely. I love how soft the burp cloths look

Cathy H. said... {Reply}

Great set! My favorite is the "lace" window! Beautiful! I'm sure your friend will enjoy those soft burp cloths!

Stephanie said... {Reply}

The lace window is a beautiful work of art. I could practically feel the siftness of the burp cloths. Nice set.

Yogi♪♪♪ said... {Reply}

I love your Lace shot. That carved screen is awesome and it looks like lace to me.

Great fuzzy shot also, you salvaged somethin!

Karen said... {Reply}

Loving that window intricate. Your selfie is adorable!

Susan said... {Reply}

Cool interpretation of fuzzy, wish I'd thought of that. I love the lace shot-what a gorgeous window. Sounds like that exhibit was amazing. Hope to see you tomorrow-if my memory holds up that long.

Brooke said... {Reply}

WOW... that lace wood carving is brilliant. Great set this week, Tamar!!!

Brianne said... {Reply}

Great shots!

Ida said... {Reply}

These are great. The carving is awesome and does look like lace.
Wood was great and I liked your Fuzzy shot. The fabric burp cloths are so sweet.

Lish Hummel said... {Reply}

Love the selfie for fuzzy-very unique!

Kathy said... {Reply}

I actually live that fUzzy selfie...def NOT a backfire :)

cmoh said... {Reply}

Great photo's! I am in awe of the lace, wood and bliing and your fuzzy is so much fun!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Look at you being crafty making burp cloths! Cute! I always loved the homemade ones. Love the selfie!

The Carters said... {Reply}

Great set! I actually really liked the fabric one :-) Though all the pieces from the art exhibit are really amazing.

Linda R said... {Reply}

That fuzzy shot is so cool. What a great idea. But all your photos look great.. Well done!!

Jenn said... {Reply}

I like your interpretations! Great job!

Honey Mommy said... {Reply}

That lace window is stunning! It definitely works for the prompt.

A day at the museum sounds fun, especially with all the yucky winter weather we've been having!

Christine E-E said... {Reply}

the museum items are amazing. especially the Islamic window carving - LACE, yes!
Wow - cooking, sewing, photography! is there anything you can't do?

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said... {Reply}

You get to go to all the fun spots! Love your selfie too!

Nicki said... {Reply}

Nice finds at the Met and your selfie is too cute.

Kimberly said... {Reply}

Great set! Love your fuzzy picture! Makes me wish I'd thought of it. :) Love your lace interpretation and the burp cloths are adorable! I bet they were well received.

Adrienne said... {Reply}

Gorgeous shots from the met - I think lace is my favorite! Happy 25th!!

Nancy Claeys said... {Reply}

Those rings are wonderful -- and the baby burp cloths make me want to hug a baby stat! :)

Susan @ Sunflower Status said... {Reply}

Fun! Love your fuzzy 25th shot. Hope you have a great Birthday!