Monday, February 4, 2013

P52: 5th week around the sun

This week was so full of activities and the like that it wiped me out, plain and simple!

Sunday I hit the slopes - and it felt so good to be back on the mountain. Then Tuesday afternoon the staff played against the 8th graders in a charity fundraising basket ball game. Super fun and somehow the staff managed a win (it helped that the various bball coaches were on our team...).

By Friday, I was so exhausted! So to end the active week I treated myself to a massage and facial. Seriously, so nice. They are so amazing, the only downside is when they say it's over!

Highlight of the week: playing in the staff versus 8th graders basket ball game - pretty hilarious to watch a bunch of teacher attempt to play ball against the 8th graders...some of us might have done more laughing than playing...

Favorite teaching moment: watching my math class start to get the idea behind multiplication and really see the lightbulbs go off for a few kids who were anxious about starting this unit! (I was anxious too!)

Random-osity: during my facial, the esthetician massaged my ears - um, wow, how did I live without that before? (see, totally random..)

Your turn and all the details:
- Post 1 photo or an many as you like each week on Monday.
- The button or text link should be present in your post - but not absolutely necessary. 
- Please visit some other blogs & leave some love & encouragement. 
- Submit the URL of your blog post - not your home page. 
Can't wait to see all your photos each week as we venture through 2012!

Project 52
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14 thoughts on the matter:

Kim said... {Reply}

Oh that massage sounds wonderful! I could use on right now, too! Lovely week you have had. It is the good kind of exhausted.

Susan said... {Reply}

Ok, snowboard, basketball, massage. Those aren't as random as you think-the massage was needed after the other two. Sounds like you managed some fun within the regular routine. Love that massage shot.

Kimberly said... {Reply}

Sounds like a great week! A massage sounds wonderful! Hmmm, might have to request one for Vday. :)

Renae at simple sequins said... {Reply}

hey Tamar! Looks like you had a fun week. My hair stylist gives the best massages. I save my money that I get from thrifty shopping to pay her for the best head massages EVER!!! Just writing about it makes me feel the soothing strokes. Awh ~

Pride In Photos said... {Reply} have way too much fun this past week♥ Loved everything you did.

Kathy said... {Reply}

And EAR massage???? Hmmmmmm.....I'm thinking about that :)

Jen T said... {Reply}

What a fun week! I am impressed your staff won the b-ball game. Way to go!

Amy S said... {Reply}

woohoo! WHAT A fun week!

Melissa Bliss Rich said... {Reply}

What a fun week! I don't blame you for being wiped out. Love seeing your pics :)

Kim said... {Reply}

Fun week!

tinajo said... {Reply}

Goodness girlie - you´re busy like a bee! :-)

Sharon said... {Reply}

The snow looks awesome! You have had quite a week. Thanks for hosting this party, along with everything else you do!

packmom said... {Reply}

What a fun week. Glad you got to hit the slopes--it's amazing way to connect with nature. The basketball games sounds like a hoot and good for you ending your week the right way with a message.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said... {Reply}

Certainly a FABULOUS week- what I would give for a massage. :)