Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scav Hunt Sunday: Boston Strong

The streaming morning light makes my window's screen look fuzzy.

My amazing school gathering together on Tuesday to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday and to support each other after Monday's events.

Am yisrael chai. The people of Israel are alive! Happy 65th b-day Israel!

A silver lining on Friday's scary lockdown was that the trees outside my window finally bloomed. I went outside for a breath of fresh air once we were told we could go outside and savored this beautiful site.

Happiness Relief:
After being under lockdown for over 14 hours, it was over. I hadn't realized that I hadn't breathed all day. It was also the first time since this ordeal started on Monday that I cried. Tears of relief that this scary week in my city was over.

I'm still working on processing the week's events and plan on sharing my thoughts tomorrow in my Project 52 weekly recap. #Bostonstrong.

25 thoughts on the matter:

Nancy Claeys said... {Reply}

Love your b/w portrayals of your week, Tamar. So glad "it's over" as you so aptly stated. xo

Lauri said... {Reply}

I can't imagine how terrifying your week was. I'm glad to hear you can finally begin to relax. Be Well.
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Kara Claflin said... {Reply}

I am so happy that it is over. I only wish that no one any where would ever have to live through such again.

Mary Gene Atwood said... {Reply}

I'm glad it's over, glad you're safe. You were sure in my thoughts during this time. Amazing what two people with evil can do, but I still believe that the good will overcome the bad. Looking forward to your post tomorrow.

Patti G said... {Reply}

You were in my constant thoughts & prayers all week girl!
I couldn't get you & all in your city out of my mind all day Friday when I 1st awoke & heard the news.
Love how you clung to your faith & celebrated in spite of the evils of 2 others in your city.
Here's to a great NEW week ahead!

Karen said... {Reply}

Glad you had those gorgeous trees to look at during your lockdown. I can 't begin to imagine the emotions you've been through this week. Obviously, many people were thinking of you :). I love that you chose B&W for you set this week. And I love that you were surrounded by people you love, beauty and your Faith throughout.

Adrienne said... {Reply}

Yup. Breathing. And sleeping. So glad you're seeing the support you have at school from such a great/strong community.

Dara said... {Reply}

thought of you often last week - hope you held up ok!

Yogi♪♪♪ said... {Reply}

I think we are all glad it is over but especially for those like you at "ground zero."

Great images, so full of life.

Kathy McB said... {Reply}

It's amazing to me how one event can make our large, and sometimes disparate country, shrink into one solid community. I hate the reason why this happens, but love the sense of community when it does.

Nicki said... {Reply}

Very good choices for each of these - the last one being brilliant. As I kept a vigilant prayer for my daughter's safety I thought of you and many others I've come to follow on the internet. I am so glad this is over and hope all of Boston and its surrounding communities can quickly heal from this tragedy. (and all of America for that matter.)

Susan said... {Reply}

I imagine you've had a week you'll never forget. I think the nation sighs relief with Boston. Love that "after" shot-as if light came back to the city.

Shannon said... {Reply}

All your black and white pictures are amazing. I am glad it is over and I hope you all in Boston can feel some what safe again. Well wishes from the West Coast.

Ida said... {Reply}

Fabulous set. It is so hard to imagine what you went through since I live thousands of miles across the country from you. However thoughts and prayers were with you. So glad it's over.

Loved the BW shot of the blooms you were able to look at.
Also loved the Faith shot.

Sian said... {Reply}

aw hon much love to you x

abrianna said... {Reply}

Love your spring blossoms shot.

Ruth Kelly said... {Reply}

Wonderful set!

Patrice said... {Reply}

Great shots, Tamar - so great you have wonderful community support. I'm so glad your rough week has ended. I prayed for you all day Friday, as I'm sure the whole world did. Blessings...

Carletta said... {Reply}

It's hard for us who are far away to truly know what you went through but know we shared your fear and rejoiced when it was over.
Loved your faith and spring!!

Christine E-E said... {Reply}

Tamar... I've thought of you so many times this past week! I don't remember if your mother lives near you, but I hope you had a loving support system (I hope you know you do with your blogger community) to spend your weekend with? I'm sending *hugs* from California as you process this tragedy.
BTW - I loved the pic of "gathering" at your school! what a fabulous picture of healing.

erica @ to the sea said... {Reply}

lovely pics... crazy to have to go through that!

Tish said... {Reply}

oh Tamar! i can't imagine what you all have had to deal with this week. it truly must have been frightening. i am so glad that part of its over and efforts can be focused on healing. continuing our prayers for Boston and all those affected by this horrible tragedy. xoxo

Hannah Brooker said... {Reply}

I'm so pleased this is all over. Such a strong city. Lovely photos x

Megan Bailey said... {Reply}

Lovely photos! I can't imagine what it was like for you. Glad you are safe!

Dina Lettre said... {Reply}

So full of emotion...and I love the B&W!