Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tip toeing through the tulips

On Sunday we took advantage of the beyond glorious weather and went to the tulip festival! It really was something beautiful and was so nice to be out in the sunshine!

 The tulip fields just stretched on and on. It was nature lover and photography heaven!
 Noam was having more fun looking at the old tractors around the fields, though.
I eventually coaxed him into one of the rows and he had some fun inspecting the flowers (not too many tulips were harmed in the process).
 We had to pose for a picture in the big wooden shoes! Noam wasn't too sure about them, but he didn't mind me picking him up for a photo-op!
It really was a spectacular morning. The tulips were stunning, Mt. Hood was out, the temps were beyond amazing, and it was a fun 'venure!

19 thoughts on the matter:

Sarah Carletti said... {Reply}

Wow is all I can say!

Rebecca said... {Reply}

Wow, wow and wow...I see Sarah already said it, but that is all I can say too.

Renae at simple sequins said... {Reply}

Oh Tamar! My dd's have been there with their Dad. You did a great job of photography on all of those snaps!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

Really beautiful! I can't imagine being among so many tulips! Noam looks like he enjoyed them too.

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

Oh, I'd heard about the tulip festival from my BIL and I would so LOVE to check it out with the kids one day! I love tulips and to be in the midst of so many, that would be heaven. :)

Brea said... {Reply}

Wow, that looks like an amazing place. Photographer's heaven, indeed! Really enjoyed these photos.

Yolanda Ronaldo said... {Reply}

Oh my goodness!! I have wanted to go to a tulip festival for as long as I can remember. It is so pretty. I could literally spend hours there taking pictures, maybe someday.
Thanks for sharing Tamar :)

Karen said... {Reply}

What a fabulous day out! Lovely photos.

Pride In Photos said... {Reply}

Yes, your tulips are beautiful!! The purple ones really caught my eyes...sigh! We used to go to Holland, MI all the time for the Tulip are making me miss is so bad now☺

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

This is awesome, and just wow that must have been an incredible sight in person...I am going to have to put this on the must do list. And those shoes...I guess I didn't pay very good attention to your IG pic, those are huge!

Adrienne said... {Reply}

OH WOW!! So beautiful - and that last photo with Mt. Hood clear as day... just makes me want to get on a plane! I've only ever seen tulip fields in Holland - which were as spectacular aw you'd imagine...Love the colors! Love your shots! Might just have to plan a trip to Oregon some spring - I've only ever been at Christmas and in the summer!

Dara said... {Reply}

I wish i could see that!!

Cropped Stories said... {Reply}

These tulips are just gorgeous! Look at all the beautiful and bright colors! This is like heaven to me. Tulips are my favorite flower! By the way, I dig the wooden shoes! Very chic :o)

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

oh - I so want to go there!! That looks like such a lovely spot to visit! My girls would be hard pressed to not pick those!

Chelsea said... {Reply}

Love these photos! I grew up in the middle of Tulip Festival country in Washington--I never thought it was possible to miss all of the traffic and tourists--but I do! My next trip to the tulips will be a new experience!

Debbie said... {Reply}

WoW-zers, i would love to go!!

beautiful images!!

Robyn G said... {Reply}


Neat post and pictures! I would love to visit a tulip farm. I enjoyed all the color and beauty you captured. Awesome!

Ranch Wife Robyn

Rachel said... {Reply}

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

At first I got all excited thinking you were at MY tulip festival... but alas we were on opposite sides of the mountain!

Shoshanah said... {Reply}

These tulips are gorgeous! I just love how many different colors there are.