Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outside my window...

Outside my window...there is a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds, a perfect early summer afternoon unfolding right outside and a delightful respite from the soggy rains. 
I'm thinking about...the school year winding down; the year that was, how much I grew as a teacher and how much my students grew as learners. 
I'm hoping...that I can squeeze out every second of fun and relaxation I can this summer!
I'm hearing...the gentle rustle of the leaves and the soft sound of crickets coming out for the night. 
Some of my favorite things...flip flop weather, a gentle breeze, and a wam sunshine. If only this could be the weather all summer long.

11 thoughts on the matter:

Rebecca said... {Reply}

I am in love with that first photo of the rain drops on the tops of leaves.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said... {Reply}

Lovely blooms and thoughts about your upcoming summer break Tamar. Enjoy!

Susan said... {Reply}

great thoughts (and photos) Tamar. A little slower pace than I see from you regularly. Vacation has arrived. I am completely jealous. Real estate has no vacations-it's nearly 24/7 these days and I can go stretches of 3 weeks without having a day off.
I hope you enjoy the summer (we're owed a nice one). I'll vacation vicariously thru you.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

My favorite is: I'm thinking about...the school year winding down; the year that was, how much I grew as a teacher and how much my students grew as learners.

Yay for you to realize that life long learning is just that ... life long! We can always learn and grow.

Betty Luckhurst said... {Reply}

It sounds and looks like you are so ready for summer! Lovely and colorful photos.

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

I can really feel your savoring in this post! I can sense the bittersweet of a year well lived, but ending. I hope these last few days are well cherished, and that the summer before you is amazingly refreshing!

Cropped Stories said... {Reply}

What amazing captures! That first one is my favorite :o) Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Lovely post, you´ve gathered the good stuff in life!

Renae Simple Sequins said... {Reply}

These are wonderful photos, not that they are right outside your window but how you capture them with soft focus behind and sharp sharp focus at the forefront. Wow!

Thanks for all of the nice things you said to me!

Nicki said... {Reply}

Enjoy your impending summer break and enjoy the grass between your toes and wistful evenings chasing fireflies.

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

I have no doubt that if someone could squeeze relaxation and fun into summer that it would be YOU! Love that first shot. As for my weather's dreadful already. I just got home from picking my daughter up from her college orientation and went outside (about 9) to check on my caterpillars and came in drenched! I think it is going to be a long summer here.