Thursday, March 13, 2014


Happy 8 month day to Mr. Roo!! Insane that he is 2/3rds of the way through his first year. Where has the time gone?
Mr. Roo is a mover and a shaker and one stinking cute kid. This month he's started eating lots of solids, cute 4 teeth (!!), became a pro at eating his toys, and overall just charmed the living day lights out of all of us.
Roo did give us all one small scare this past week. He caught a nasty cold that caused him to take a trip to OHSU for a few days. Some o2 and TLC from mommy and the other doctors and he was back to his smiley self. Crazy that just 8 months ago he was a little peanut with o2 on his face and now he can eat the monitor wires! 
Ronan had a special "first" while in patient. Roo started to sign, intentionally!! He told Avi he wanted milk - the video was beyond precious, even though the poor little guy was so pitiful.
Happy 8 month day, Ronan. You really are the happiest baby on the block!!!
See....? The happiest baby!!

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Dina Lettre said... {Reply}

Such a fun age! He is so adorable.

Adrienne said... {Reply}

These brought a smile!! Laundry basket is my favorite!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

He is so adorable! I love his little Irish Hooligan onesie! Glad he's ok after the scare!

Carol Blackburn said... {Reply}

What a charmer. So glad he is feeling better.

Kathy McB said... {Reply}

What a happy boy!!! Happy 8th month!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Whoa! Signing intentionally! Awesome! o2 not so Awesome! Gee having kids is tough.;) I'm glad he is feeling better. He is such a cutie pie!

Party of 5 said... {Reply}

Okay, I'm getting weepy here. Life is so amazing when you look at the little ones- and if you're lucky can see just a glimpse of what they see.
Gorgeous boy...

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said... {Reply}

How is that possible??!! He's getting so big - wow how time flies.

Linneas Atelje said... {Reply}

So sweet :)

Rebecca said... {Reply}

Precious photos!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

He is so cute! I love the Irish Hooligan shirt! Too funny. I'm glad he is feeling better.

Kelley said... {Reply}

I loved looking at your photos - he sure is a cutie pie!! (I found you through the Little Things Thursday link-up) :)

Dotti said... {Reply}

This is indeed such an awesome, fun time. Embrace it fully. It passes quickly. He's a sweetie!

Karen said... {Reply}

Oh my....he is so stinking cute!! Love the one of him in the laundry basket :))

Pride In Photos said... {Reply}

OMG....seriously! How can he be this big already! He is just stinking cute my friend! But that would of been a scare having to stay at the hospital...blessings to all of your family.

Nish said... {Reply}

Happy Happy little boy. It's a pleasure looking at his face, isn't it?

Sending smiles...


tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

babies brig such joy!

Rachel said... {Reply}

That video is beyond precious! Love his zest for life!

And a signing baby... few things better! :)

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

what a little cutie! I love his smile.