Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Reading Round-up

It was a close call, but I did manage to read one entire book this month. I sort of fell off the reading train when all the school stuff hit the fan. But I did love this book. I saw it on a Buzzfeed "read this before the movie comes out" list. The cast looked amazing so I jumped at the chance to read it first.

It follows Judd and his very dysfunctional family as they sit shiva for their deceased father, his dying wish. Each sibling has their fair share of issues and problems and they all relive their childhood and upbringing as they also cope with their loss and their issues. I laughed so hard I cried through most it, but it has it's sweet and sad moments and as someone whose been to many a shiva house and seen my mom and dad sit shiva I could so relate. 

I highly recommend - either read it or wait for the movie in September, but I recommend reading, for sure!

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Shoshanah said... {Reply}

I actually just saw the preview for this movie yesterday. I hadn't heard of it till then, but it definitely does look intriguing.