Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Song-osity: Measure a Year

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes...
How do you measure, measure a year?

What a year.

I can easily say that this year had some serious highs and some lows and a fair amount of turbulence.

But, it all works out in the end and as 2014 draws to a close, I am content and able to reflect on the year from a very good spot.

2014 saw me wrap up my second full year of teaching, but also saw me having to say good-bye to KSA and my second family. But just as I had to close that chapter I started an amazing new chapter at Maimo, where I may be exceedingly busy, but so happy.

2014 was a year filled with fun with friends and loved ones. Skiing, Red Sox games, Nickel Creek, Book of Mormon, Violet, Cirque de Soleil, New Hampshire, shooting my first wedding, The Nutcracker, lots of movie nights, and time just hanging out.

2014 was a year filled with family. It was the year Ronan turned one and Noam turned four. I had five days with the boys and Avi in Boston, and flew out to Portland twice. I watched mom go into surgery and was eternally thankful when it was successful.

Through it all, I've laughed, I've cried and I've tried to soak it all up.

So as I stand on the verge of 2015, I'm ready to embrace what it may bring.

It's time now to sing out, though the story never ends...

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23 thoughts on the matter:

Linda Kay said... {Reply}

It's always interesting to look back at the year about to close to see what has happened in our lives. Having survived it all gives one hope for the next year. Have a happy and safe new year, Tamar.

Nicki said... {Reply}

You have had a year that tested you but also rewarded you - I think most years have a way of doing that, just some are more pronounced.

Happy New Years Tamar!

Gina Kleinworth said... {Reply}

It's been a wild ride for sure - prayers for a happy & blessed 2015 Tamar!!!

Kim said... {Reply}

Your year in review was truly a Beautiful year. Sorry for the tough times, although sometimes they can make the good times that much sweeter. Happy New Year!

Molly said... {Reply}

Oh those little jam parcels looks sooooooooo good. Happy New Year to you and yours!


Kathy McB said... {Reply}

Those candles bring a sense of hope and joy to my soul. Congrats on a fabulous year! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography, and Happy New Years to you.

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

I love looking back on a year and looking forward too, with hope and joy and excitement! Happy New Year to you too!

Kim said... {Reply}

Yes. 2014 has been up and down for sure. I'm so glad that alls well that ends well. Here is to an awesome 2015!

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Happy New Year Tamar, I remember those jam treats now, yummy :)

Kim Stevens said... {Reply}

You have had some adventures to be sure - hopefully 2015 will have less of the not so fun ones. I'm mesmerized by that first photo!! Happy New Year!!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said... {Reply}

lovely review! and I love that song.

Buckeroomama said... {Reply}

I just want to stop by and wish you a 2015 filled with God's blessings, good health, simple joys, and peace in your heart.... and to say thank you for your friendship in 2014. :)

tiarastantrums said... {Reply}

happy new year sweet girl!

Nicole Bryce-Sharron said... {Reply}

What a lovely look back. Happy new year tamar!

Sarah Halstead said... {Reply}

WOW!! These are amazing Tamar! That first one is gorgeous.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

What a year you've had! I see great things in your future!!

Shannon said... {Reply}

Hopping over to your blog for my first time from Ashley Sisk's MDR. Love your photos, and it looks like you had a great year!

Kimberly Vensel said... {Reply}

What a memorable year you had! Love your recap! Here's to an even better 2015!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I have enjoyed journeying through your year with you!

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Happy New Year Tamar :)

Deanna said... {Reply}

Looks like you had a pretty amazing year with many more to come. Happy New Year, Tamar. May your new year be filled with blessings.

Brooke Neal said... {Reply}

I haven't taken time to reflect on the passing year. This was a nice round up--I need to do the same.

Ashley Sisk said... {Reply}

It's funny how the end of a year always gives us so much to reflect on. Your photos are beautiful and I'm so glad to see you still coming around my blog. Best wishes for 2015