Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scav Hunt Sunday: Peels and Portland

Working on writing what we know about a variety of vocabulary words related to the Native American tribes they'll be studying.

Roasted some carrots, the peels tend to be all curly.

The Portland airpot carpet's famous pattern (more on this tomorrow!).

My view:
I love taking off at night, totally gives you a new perspective on where you're leaving. In this case, adios snowy Boston!

A little baking project, filled with love, with Noam!

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14 thoughts on the matter:

Pieni Lintu said... {Reply}

I was peeling an apple the other day and I was thinking that this would be good for curly. :D

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I love peels of anything and often think I should photograph them.

DrillerAA09 said... {Reply}

I always enjoyed flying in the evening as well. Flying over big cities and small towns at night makes one wonder what is life like under those lights. Nice images this week.

Clairejustine oxox said... {Reply}

Cool pictures Tamar, love the aeroplane picture :)

Jill Foley said... {Reply}

So glad you made it out and you can enjoy our warm, spring like weather this weekend!

Karen S. said... {Reply}

Your view and love are the winners for for me! All great photos though.

Carol Blackburn said... {Reply}

Safe travels!

Bekah said... {Reply}

HAPPY TRAVELS!! Gorgeous picture from the plane. Love it.

Anita Johnson said... {Reply}

Enjoy your time away...I need a heart shaped cookie cutter!

willothewizp said... {Reply}

Very cool, the carrots and cookies look yummy!

Tanvi Rastogi said... {Reply}

Gorgeous shots. Interesting perspective!

∞ ∞

Kathy McB said... {Reply}
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carolina rico said... {Reply}

I li e flying at night too, there is something romantic and melancjilic about it! You got s really great shot there! You must be so happy you got to spend time with your nephews!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Wonderful night view! Last time I flew, I arrived at sunset, and it was spectacular!