Thursday, December 24, 2015

Things my third graders say v. 11

kid: the sum is 99, that's not kosher
me: huh?
kid: the 99 restaurant - it's not kosher!

me: okay let's play hangman!
kid: is the word antidisestablishmentarianism
me: do you want to come write the lines for that one?

kid: i hope this is the definition...the computer said it was!

kid 1: did you do pennsylvania?
kid 2: no peninsula!!

kid 1: there is mathematical pie
kid 2: ew who would eat numbers?
kid 1: can you be a peaceful tulip?
kid 2: what are you talking about!

me: are you solving problems?
kid: kinda....?

kid: wednesday is veterinarians day! 

kid: do you know teachers do in the teacher's room? drink coffee and talk about the weather.

kid: it's clearly a fire drill, the firefighters are playing basket ball not fighting fire!

kid: there isn't really a compass in the pacific ocean, that'd be weird
kid 1: i need to think of my question
kid 2: which came first the question or the thinking!

kid 1: I have a Marauders map at home!
kid 2: is it real!!??

kid: this backpack is breaking my shoulders

kid: is south virginia a state?

kid: is costco a state?
me: no
kid: but people go there all the time!
kid: sometimes i need to make myself laugh a little or i get bored

kid: my mind is bursting!

kid: why do you call us gang? you think we're bad!?

me: don't insult someone's intellect
kid: what's intellect? 

kid: i speak pig latin!

kid: ugh i get so bored when i don't deal out the cards
kid 2: deal with it

kid: (in boggle) i want to spell moxie
me: raise your right hand
kid: but i'm a lefty
me: but you still have a right hand

me: pennsylvania, the keystone state
kid: like the keystone pipeline!

kid: i'm thirsty
me: i'm ms. benjamin, nice to meet you

kid 1: waaa
me: really?
kid 2: he's fake crying!!

kid: why is it double sided?
me: because I'm such a horrible teacher
kid: you are? 
kid: oopsy-daisy!

me: those are dice not dreidels

kid 1: can someone hand me Michigan? (puzzle piece)
kid 2: I don't think your hand are big enough for that!

kid: (in the middle of hatikva) ms. benjamin? when's christmas?

kid: TADA!!!!

kid: (listening to Beethoven) is this the Force Awakens?

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7 thoughts on the matter:

Bekah said... {Reply}

These are great!! Kids are hilarious! And YAY for reading the Boxcar Children!! Great, great book. Loved it.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... {Reply}

These always crack me up! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your break!! Much deserved!!

Adrienne said... {Reply}

So fun!! So glad you share these - love the connections that young minds make to things...always reminds me to think outside the box! I think my favorite is the one about Costco being a state!!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Am glad he knows about the 99 restaurant:) There are so many good ones - do you keep a log of them?

Shantana said... {Reply}

Listening to these kids is indeed very interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a Blessed Christmas!

Kim Cunningham said... {Reply}

I live for these posts. They should be compiled into a book.

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I am a retired teacher and so just LOVE to read this...the minds of children is just wonderful!!!